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CD1 Voters in Arapahoe County; This One's for YOU!

Congresswoman DeGette Only member of CO Delegation to Vote AGAINST Auditing the Fed

I am copying this from a FB post by the Republican candidate for Congressional District 1, Danny Stroud. He addresses his comments specifically to us in the "fringes" of Arapahoe County who are in CD1. I am one of them, and feel routinely ignored and unrepresented by the person who has held this office for way too long (going on 16 years).

Please look into Mr Stroud, as he most…


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Difference Between Outsourcing and Offshoring

Once again, the Left has been permitted to control the jargon, and the Right lets them get away with it.

There is a difference between outsourcing (delegating some non-core corporate activity to a company for which the activity is core) and off-shoring (sending core activity jobs to non-domestic locations to take advantage of lower costs of doing business). The obvious difference is that outsourcing can keep jobs in America (although not necessarily so), and off-shoring by…


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Colorado Public Trustees on the "Hot Seat"

The Colorado public trustees for the 65 counties are seldom in the news.  In fact, my impression was that the term was a nebulous description, but apparently it is actually a position that is in some instances appointed by  the governor.  The position has apparently come under some scrutiny as reported recently in the Denver Post.



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Hey Liberals, Create Some Jobs Already!

Considering this week's dismal jobs report, Liberals, please answer this question:

Say a wealthy American has $10 million for building a business. To build in America, he/she faces sky-high costs in:

1. Corporate tax rate

2. EPA compliance

3. Labor costs

4. Regulatory burdens

5. Lawsuit protection

This wealthy American must compete in a global marketplace against foreign competitors having none of these disadvantages, so here's my question: WHAT'S…


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An Inventory of Broken Promises

There are numerous articles being published analyzing the June 2012 Supreme Court decision on PPACA (Obamacare). Most of them focus either on how we were betrayed by Chief Justice Roberts, or are contorted arguments what good can be gleaned from the decision. I thought this item from Heritage took a slightly different tack, and would be useful to share with those who cling to the belief that PPACA is actually good for America. Essentially, it lays out the trail of broken promises…


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We Will Have to Throw Off PPACA (Obamacare)

I hope none of you were counting on the Supreme Court to "save" us from the PPACA. I had a wish, but, upon reflection, was only disappointed, not surprised, that the Supreme Court forgot its responsibility to the Constitution above all else. Clarity is our friend, however, and we certainly should be clear on the fact that ALL branches of our federal government have been infected by the progressive virus. If nothing else, this decision should demonstrate clearly that our job is not…


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National Education Association

For those looking for ammunition to eliminate the Department of Education, the following link presents an excellent history of the Progressive's takeover of our schools and of the involvement of the NEA.


Added by Joseph William Gabriele on July 4, 2012 at 3:40pm — 4 Comments

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