Below are my thoughts as to what our mission statement could speak to:

To excite the American People to own their government, and control it; to allow the citizenry to prosper from its personal ingenuity and effort.


To re-ignite a personal recognizance for our own morality, patriotism, and fiscal well being.


To limit government intervention in our daily lives, destroying the cradle to grave mentality, and fostering self-security as a matter of personal self-respect.


To protect our National Borders, our National Language, and our National American identity.

To recognize our nation as a melting pot, where “e pluribus unum” defines the citizenry; where our oneness is strengthened by our differences, where unity allows for diversity, but is not torn asunder by it.


To promote Statesmanship over Political ambition.


To remove Pork from politics and re-establish “bribery” as a crime.


To recognize the sovereignty of States’ Rights and a limited Federal Republic to serve them.


To balance state and federal budgets by law, and to contain their expenses within 10% maximum of GDP while promoting self-sufficiency in our citizens.


To prevent-as peaceably as possible-the usurpation of the Human Rights protected by the American Constitution and our Bill of Rights.


To build bridges so that being American is more important than being Republican or Democrat; to ensure that “we, the people” lead our political representatives, so that the America foreseen by our Founding Fathers will be as recognizable and as vibrant in 2276, as it was in 1776.


To remind us all, and politicians, too, that the “Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” does not mean ”cradle to grave”.

 Kevin Keator


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Comment by Joseph William Gabriele on May 17, 2012 at 7:25pm

I'm late in arriving but what I believe we are fighting for follows:

In the 8000 years since we began experimenting with societal

organizations, only three entities have had any meaning: Individuals, Governments, and Religions. For the largest part of that time, Governments and Religions, singly or in concert with each other, have dominated and suppressed the Individual.


The essence of the American experiment was to place the Individual in a superior position to both Government and Religion. The founding fathers created the Bill of Rights to limit the power of the Government and make Religion solely the choice of the Individual.  The truth that they had learned was that social organizations characterized by strong central Government based on force are the main cause of human misery and suffering.


Today's worldwide struggles between secular dictators and vying religions are simply neither more nor less than an attempt to ensure that the Individual shall remain inferior to those institutions in those countries for all time.


In America, those who would once again return Individuals to their pre-revolutionary status as subjects and slaves are now in power. It has taken a century or more for them to educate the concept of the Individual out of the minds of successive generations. Their goal of destroying Individual Rights through the elimination of private property, the means to defend that property, and capitalism is nearly complete. As they suck the wealth and life out of America, the only things standing between our country as envisioned by the founding fathers and just another dictatorship are the vote, the States collectively, and the military who have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution.  If these fail…

Comment by Kevin Keator on April 8, 2012 at 10:47am

The Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, and the expectation that the citizenry will Exercise Their Personal Responsibility in its defense.  Worth a good fight. 

Comment by Fredrick Lindner on April 5, 2012 at 6:56pm

There are some fundamental words that must be expression of the modern tea party.  "THE CONSTITUTION, FREEDOM & LIBERTY".  The reason I have been here since 2009 was to try with all my effort to fulfill the survival of our nation.  I will move whatever mountain needs moved to do so.  Yet I will not waste my time with ignorance and selfishness and these aspects should have no bearing on our goals.

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