CD1 Voters in Arapahoe County; This One's for YOU!

Congresswoman DeGette Only member of CO Delegation to Vote AGAINST Auditing the Fed

I am copying this from a FB post by the Republican candidate for Congressional District 1, Danny Stroud. He addresses his comments specifically to us in the "fringes" of Arapahoe County who are in CD1. I am one of them, and feel routinely ignored and unrepresented by the person who has held this office for way too long (going on 16 years).

Please look into Mr Stroud, as he most certainly will be a better representative for Colorado's First Congressional District than it's current elected official.

(Stroud's post)

For you people in Arapahoe County who are new...

Danny E. Stroud
For you people in Arapahoe County who are new to CD1:
Earlier this week every single member of the Colorado Congressional delegation voted to audit the federal reserve....EXCEPT Diana DeGette.

The ability to provide oversight of the Federal Reserve’s dealings is hindered by current law that prohibits the Government Accountability Office (GAO) from auditing aspects of the bank’s activities including monetary policy matters and transactions with foreign entities. H.R. 459 would increase transparency.

Considering the fiscal condition of our country, it defies common sense that there is currently no full oversight over the Federal Reserve. Because the bank sets the monetary policy that impacts every American citizen and holds a balance sheet of $3 trillion. The bill that Rep DeGette voted against will allow a full audit of all aspects of the Federal Reserves activities, including the decision-making behind monetary policy. The ability to fully audit the Federal Reserve is long overdue.

That Congresswoman DeGette would be against this transparency is baffling and not consistent with her duties as a Congressional representative.

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Comment by W. Branstetter on July 30, 2012 at 11:39pm

For those who are in the CD1 area and have not met Danny Stroud yet, I would certainly encourage everyone to meet him and visit a while.  He  has been involved with the grassroots movement since 2009 that I am aware of and bucked the system to become chairman of the Denver GOP until he threw his hat into this race.  A fine hat indeed that he has!  Danny Stroud is optimistic that the numbers could work out, so anyone offering some time with the campaign or even contribution would help. 


Have you seen some of the inquiries Rep. DeGette has made on the committee(s) she is on?  She has asked some really awful questions on days when Rep. Cory Gardner has been highlighted. 


Do you regret DeGette?


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