850 KOA Randy Corporon debating Fred Ebert on the Constitution, Obamadon'tcare and more

Fred Ebert, Stump the Professor, 850 KOA
Fred Ebert, noted local physicist and radio talk show host gave me about 20 minutes on KOA to discuss the Constitution with him. Included are debates on the 3/5the person clause, Obamadon'tcare, originalism, comments on the Tea Party and other items of interest to geeks like me. Fred is terrific and generous with time. Comments welcomed and appreciated as I work to refine arguments designed to assist in ensuring that Barack Odrama is a one-term president.

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Comment by Randy B Corporon on July 5, 2011 at 10:15pm

Fred, it was an eventful night tonight and good to see you. 

Thanks for listening and commenting.  I give Fred E. a lot of credit for being so generous with his show time for an oppositional position, but was surprised by some of the assertions he made as settled fact.  He says he's Conservative, and I haven't heard enough of his political, economic views to judge.  But on the Constitution and Obamadon'tcare, he didn't sound like a Conservative to me.

Comment by Fredrick Lindner on July 5, 2011 at 10:07pm
I don't have facebook so couldn't comment there but you made Ebert look like an ignorant commentator. His constant sweeping slams of the Tea Party was insulting. He obviously has not read the constitution or studied it like we have.

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