Voter Fraud Evidence:

To all my GOP friends:

Here is the “evidence” that you have all been waiting for:

This is from the analysis of Dr Douglas Frank. Here’s what you’re seeing: four plots of :

  • The population
  • The Registrations
  • The Predicted ballots

Notice the following:

  • Registrations are 104.6% of the population! This means there are “phantom voters” in our County! this is an “investigative clue”!
  • Understand that the Registrations being 104.6% are about 30% higher than they would be historically. This fits the estimate of about 30% phantom voters as has been found in other states.
  • That the correlation between registrations and ballots is 0.997! This does not happen in nature! Another “investigative clue”!
  • Democrats have been doing this FOR YEARS! And, in coordination with the media, have created a perception with everyone in the state to believe that Colorado has been “drifting blue” for the last several elections! THIS IS A LIE!

Here is Dr Frank’s link to every County in Colorado: .   He can predict the vote in every age group in every county with the same .997 accuracy. This would not be possible if the vote counts were honest. The fact that his predictions are so accurate is one more piece of EVIDENCE that the voter “books are being cooked”! This is the “Evidence” that counters the mainstream media’s meme that “there is no EVIDENCE”!

The solution is to begin canvassing our precincts and root out the fraudulent 30% phantom voters and install the candidates that won the elections! We need to do this now!   To sit back and think the solution is to “improve messaging, increase our outreach and get out the vote” is to ignore the voter fraud elephant in the room!  The path to victory is to stop the fraud! Now!


Dave Petteys



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Comment by Theresa Collins on August 28, 2022 at 8:58pm

Agree with you 100% Dave!  We need to work together (all stripes!). This hopefully is important to both Democrats & Republicans & Independents.  Do you think it's possible to have everyone work to get the Cast Vote Records for EVERY county in the next 3 days? Because on Sept. 3, 2022, according to the Federal Protections under Title 52 Section 20701, comes to an end, where the legal protections of these records expires!  We all need to work together to help preserve this information since it is still under suspicion.  cvrs-v1_Cast%20Vote%20Record%20E%20Book%20Instructions.pdf

I will certainly request for Arapahoe County if it has not been done, but patriots from other counties need to help request these records for their counties! 

Comment by Theresa Collins on June 21, 2021 at 7:29pm

Dave thank you so much for putting this up!  I've told my colorado native husband that I believed Colorado was the training ground for this national debacle that happened Nov. 3rd!  We have to get serious about elections here and fight the good hard and long fight.  


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