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Arguing With A Calculator

Over the past year, I’ve had times when I was angry with people on the Right.  A few examples are:


  • Chris Christie’s support for Obama’s hurricane relief efforts nauseated me (though as a Christian, I was happy to see Christie embrace some form of worship).  Later, Christie’s dissing of the NRA upset me as well.


  • I was furious when Todd Akin stayed in the Missouri race.  Ditto for Richard Mourdock’s fiasco.


  • I fumed…

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The Battle Against Locusts

Have you noticed how many people are fleeing places like Detroit and California?  Some evacuees are Conservatives, who bolt from failed experiments where success is punished.  But many are Liberals.  And with reliably Democrat votes, these Leftists swarm like locusts into neighboring states.


Conservatives often wonder, “If they run from failure, can’t they reject it?  Don’t they see the wreckage left by their policies?  Why don’t they learn?”


Here’s the…


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