Have you noticed how many people are fleeing places like Detroit and California?  Some evacuees are Conservatives, who bolt from failed experiments where success is punished.  But many are Liberals.  And with reliably Democrat votes, these Leftists swarm like locusts into neighboring states.


Conservatives often wonder, “If they run from failure, can’t they reject it?  Don’t they see the wreckage left by their policies?  Why don’t they learn?”


Here’s the answer:  Locusts don’t learn.


Think about it.  If your core goal is to take from producers, then why learn?   If you love higher costs on job creators, why sympathize when they move away?  Doesn’t blaming them feel better?  If voting yourself other people’s money excites you, why change?


Gaining nothing by learning, locusts just devour what others produce.  Literal locusts do this by swarming fields, while human locusts swarm the ballot box.  They don’t care about right and wrong.  They care about more and less—as in, “They have more; I have less.  I want more of what they have, and I’ll support any politician who takes for me and tells me I’m entitled.”


Understand, not all locusts are lower income.  Look at green energy giants, labor unions, Hollywood moguls, and other Leftist cronies.  Raking in billions from subsidies, they also gobble up Obamacare waivers, targeted tax breaks—anything they can get.  Locusts don’t care how much they already have; they just want more of what you have.  To get it, they don’t need to learn.  They just need to win.


I repeat:  To get it, they don’t need to learn.  They just need to win.


And this gives them great focus.  I’m amazed when Republicans fail to see how we must outnumber the locusts to defeat them on Election Day.  While we attack each other over every difference, the Left unites.  They just want more votes; they don’t care how.  Will they turn tax-funded education into leftist recruiting?  Gladly!  Program the kiddies!  Will they turn the entertainment industry into a one-sided blowhorn?  Sure!  Voter fraud?  You bet!  Illegal Immigration?  Let ‘em vote!  My goodness, some even advocate breeding for political power!


Folks, locusts have no ethics.  Seriously, do we understand this?  Do we see what we’re fighting?  Whatever brain power we devote toward measuring ethical behavior, locusts devote toward justifying unethical behavior.  Hey, the ends justify the means, right?  So while our brains are internal calculators, theirs are internal lawyers.  As a former Leftist, I promise this is the case.


Can we defeat the locusts?  Absolutely, but we must understand how they create new locusts.  It’s really simple:  They convince people to embrace the worst part of themselves.  This is key, since most of us prefer not to be takers.  So how does the Left lure Americans into darkness?  Just like in the movies, baby:  Bitterness—Hate—Revenge. Just tap into the bad feelings we grip tightest—the ones we feel we deserve—and the transformation comes.  Think about those times when you’ve embraced such feelings:  Was your mind still an ethics calculator, or did it become an internal lawyer instead?  Be honest.  Can you see how the Left seduces Americans toward their worst inclinations?


Then, they just show how amassing numbers brings revenge—sorry, “fairness”—and the swarm is born. 


This is why the Left props up endless enemies, from rich people to Christians to SUV’s to oil companies to the military to white men to gun owners to…who knows what’s next?  Once rallied, the swarm feeds on cities and states, always seeking fresh prey.  Will they have regrets?  Puh-leeze!  Regret hurts, and their inner lawyers have long since hardened them against the pain of conscience.


A few easy rules apply when battling locusts:


  1. Most locusts can be turned.  Not the radicals, since they’re benefiting politically—but the rest can be reached.  Remember, these aren’t actual locusts; they’re people, with hopes, dreams, and a desire to be good.  The first step is always removing barriers they see between us and them (I explain how in my “Tearing Down the Wall” workshops), then showing them the benefits of unleashing liberty.  Trust me; many find these ideas to be fresh and compelling.


  1. As a movement, locusts are absolutely focused on winning, since that is their route to taking.  We must be equally focused on winning, since that is our only route to freedom.  Division on our side is fatal against such a foe (I’ll discuss this further in my next article).


  1. Our debating and advertising must aim directly at the primary arguments of locusts.  By showing how Liberals call people to do bad things, we embarrass the Left.  No, we’re not preaching; just offering straight talk.  Ultimately, we can’t convert or defeat locusts without showing why it’s wrong to be one—and by avoiding this, we empower the Left in countless ways.  Besides, targeting these arguments really undercuts our opponents.  It works.


The locusts have overrun Colorado, and most of America—but this is reversible.  It really is!  Just don’t expect Americans to “wake up” when the locusts overreach unless we counter their overreach.  Pointing at California and Detroit isn’t enough (though please do).  We must point at the worst in us that the Left calls forth.  Only then can we champion the best in us—the single mom working long hours for her kids, the unemployed guy wanting a paycheck instead of welfare, any person who rejects racist overtures in favor of character and merit, the wealthy job creator who stays here while competing against foreign competitors who enjoy cheaper costs—these are the good people we can be!


And more Americans will be these people when the locust’s call is exposed.  Understand the locusts, reveal them, replace them with truth, and who knows?  Maybe, rather than us fearing them coming from California and Detroit, they can fear us going there.  You know, I think I’d like that.



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