I watched “Hannity” for a while the other night.   A very depressing show.  No, there weren’t any flood victims or post mortems on Detroit, as these would actually seem uplifting by comparison.   Flooded communities can rebuild.  Detroit can bulldoze its neighborhoods so there will be…well…fewer Detroit neighborhoods.  And of course, those stories feature great heroism and charity, like volunteers delivering truckloads of food to New Orleans, or unsung bulldozer operators erasing decades of Democrat “progress.”

Yes, most cloudy shows reveal a silver lining.  But not this one.

On this dreadful excursion into Hades, Sean spoke with a group of college students, half of whom were Democrats.  Sure, there were Republicans too, but one could hardly enjoy their pleasing melodies—engulfed, as they were, by a shrill onslaught of idiocy.  These young Democrats weren’t voters.  They were looters.  The singular goal of each vote (or votes) they’d cast would be attaining “social justice” through seizing or distributing even more money they hadn’t earned.

Depressing.  Nauseating.  On this evening, the only act of heroism was my wife wrenching away the gun I had pressed to my shaking head—or at least it seemed heroic until I saw she was grabbing it for herself.  Then it seemed selfish.  I mean, watching these parasites was horrible, but you’d think she could wait her turn…

At one point, Sean asked the looters what percentage of their wages should be taken in taxes.  One by one, they dodged the question like it was a job offer.  Finally, one girl showed some courage, basically saying she’d be fine with the government taking 60%, so long as she’d receive a good return on her investment (quality schools, programs, etc.).

I disagreed, but her view was refreshing.  It showed intellect.  Even coherency.  Pausing our tug of war over the means to Death’s sweet release, my wife and I turned and listened.   Sean did his usual solid job returning volley, but I also wanted to ask this girl some questions:

1.  I don’t agree, but you sound like a wise young woman who demands quality.  Tell me, do you feel today’s Federal Government is delivering?


2.  Shouldn’t a savvy shopper like you be allowed to keep more of your own money, so you could freely choose the best quality in all services you seek—including education?


3.  And wouldn’t your free choices offer a great example to others?  Couldn’t they watch you and say, “Man, I want to get the best bang for the buck like she does!”


4.  On another topic, when Berkeley offers a class called “Advanced Principles of Looting,” do you have to pay for it?  (okay, I’d just think this one instead of asking it)


Sean mentioned how half of Americans pay no Federal Income Tax.  Predictably, the looters gushed their Leftist talking point, “Yeah, but they pay sales taxes!”  I winced.  “Ummm…right,” I thought.  “The half that pays income taxes also pays sales taxes, and sales taxes alone don’t begin to cover what non-income-taxpayers receive in services…YOU KOOKS.”


Roads, bridges, schools, national defense, Entitlements, food stamps, fire departments, police, etc. etc.—do these looters actually think everything they get is covered by sales taxes?  Really?

Sometimes I wish we Conservatives could employ CIA-style tactics.  Seriously.  Each of these looters should be tied to their chairs with eyelids taped open, then forced to watch hours of Bill Whittle videos.  We could call this “Enhanced Americanization,” or simply, “Scared Smart.”

But let me close with the questioning I want posed to these young lawyers for dependency:

 “If your liberal ideas are so superior, then how come all the people calling for secession (forming their own states or country), are Conservatives?  When guys like Rush Limbaugh propose cutting the nation in two and allowing Liberals their choice of which half to run, why do the Lefties still think this is unfair?  Honestly, if Conservatives are such a burden, then why won’t Liberals allow a fair divorce, where we divide up assets and go our separate ways?”

The answer is simple:  Every parasite needs a host body—not the other way around.  Every California needs a Texas—not the other way around.  Every union needs a profitable business to employ it—not the other way around.

And from what I witnessed on this tragic episode of “Hannity,” nearly every college—much like their grand experiment, Detroit—needs a bulldozer.

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Comment by Keith Ulmer on September 28, 2013 at 6:15am

 Great post Andy, all I would add is that this didn't start with these young people in college it started when they where in public school and got a free or reduced lunch or breakfast. It also happens when they see there Grandparents who are retired and they are living on a government check, that check should of come from their own retirement account, but we subliminally get in this mindset though this programs. Now we are in this debate over health care and at the same time we need to raise the debt limit to something over 17 Trillion dollars and we don't see that at the end of President Reagans term we were at 5 Trillion dollars. To end on a note of hope it is this, with the Affordable Health care law  we will grow the debt much faster which will get us to the default stage much sooner only then will we see the possibility of change.

Let my People think!


Comment by W. Branstetter on September 15, 2013 at 5:53pm

Thankfully, I think I must have missed most of that episode, but I do appreciate the review and comments.


Thanks, Andy!  Another great message!


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