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Podcast of Insurgent Tribe on the Americhicks Radio Show

Check out this podcast interview of Americhicks' (Molly Vogt and Kim Monson) guest Keith Nobles with a brief explanation of why the Indian nations are referenced in the U.S. Constitution and how over time and various court and executive decisions the treaties were broken and freedom and property were taken from the Indian nations.  It is an excellent abbreviated explanation and worth listening to, especially the part where individuals were no longer allowed…


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Message to the Left

By the way, Lefty activists, I know you are now looking at the Tea Party activism of 2009-10 as sort of a model.

Apparently, you now realize we are no longer dead or dying (like your ideology (dead) and your party (dying)). I welcome you to give our model a try (with your own added spin of property damage, lawlessness, and trashing of your environments for others to pick up).

We're watching. And, as we wrap up our celebrations and replenish our reserves, I want you to…


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Seniors are easy targets


Local issue......Well well, some groups are trying to get Seniors to start backing up the refugees. Here is a meet-up meeting to inform all people...I'm sure it is to DUMB people down.

Heather Gardens (auditorium)

2888 S.…

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Pre-order DVDs of Movie "Enemies Within" by Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon has started a tour of America to present the movie "Enemies Within" based on his book about the people in Congress with ties to Marxist, communist, or even terrorist supporting organizations.  Mr. Loudon is expected to be in Colorado the end of October.  

Pre-order the DVDs of the movie, which begins manufacture and packing about mid-September 2016.  Order an extra copy to share with friends or neighbors.…


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It's the Ground Game, Stupid

Not am I now, nor have I ever been a neverTrumper.  I will confess that there have been some moments of extreme frustration with Mr. Trump's behavior where I have told myself and others that I could never vote for such a candidate. My dislike of Trump as a candidate has been twofold: One, that he has never been nor is he now a Conservative. Second, that from the brigade of  initial GOP candidates, Donald Trump demonstrated the fewest abilities required to win a general election.



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Attention Democrats {and others}: Trade unions declare war on Tom Steyer's 'political bullsh**'

Simon Lomax at Complete Colorado (page two) writes important articles regarding environment, energy, politics, and people who influence such things.  In recent months, hedge fund manager Tom Steyer continues stoking environmental activism in Colorado and his many efforts have been reported at Complete Colorado.  Now it appears that various unions' leadership teams are taking huge sums of money from Mr. Steyer to support his environmental…


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Op-Ed by CU Professor Mark Loewenstein: "Rethinking 'Citizens United'"

During the March 26, 2016, Craig Silverman radio show on 710 KNUS one of the lawyers' lounge guests was Colorado University law professor Mark J. Loewenstein.  Discussion was centered on the recent Op-Ed article "Rethinking Citizen United"--the Supreme Court case that has been much maligned and misunderstood.   Professor Loewenstein offered a little history that "corporations" originated by a grant from a monarch and the concept was modified with changes in American civil…


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High stakes for anti-energy activists in CU Board of Regents race

In "High stakes for anti-energy activists in CU Board of Regents race" on "Page Two" at Complete Colorado (.com), Simon Lomax explains issues and candidates in the CU Board of Regents race.  Everyone should read the article, especially and delegates and alternates to the congressional district assemblies which is where the candidates for CU Regents will also be discussed.…


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Recommended Reading (Book): "Good Profit" by Charles G. Koch

Good Profit by Charles G. Koch clearly explains the importance of principles that guide all the leaders of Koch Industries, the management philosophy for "Market-Based Management" (MBM), hiring standards, the failures and successes over the years, some family history, and throughout short story examples and quotations representing the topic.  This is a fantastic book and I would recommend that everyone should read…


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It is time for all of us to stop the slaughter of human babies

As a society we seem to be more concerned about our pets than we are on human life. The videos that have been released show how far our society has gone when we allow no only the taking of a human life but to slaughter it and then sell it off, we are past anything called Christian and I urge all of you to send daily emails or call your worthless congressmen everyday and to protest in front of all planned parenthood offices to stop the madness.This is not a left or right side issue, it is a…


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Quiz: U.S.A. Citizenship Test--Could You Pass?

The Washington Times has a series of questions that might be found on a citizenship test.  How would you do?  Or the young people you know?

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Vendor Cart fire locks down White House 3/7/15

My comment to the Washington Times re:their story about today's White House lockdown due to a vendor cart fire:



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Dems in the Republican Party

We need to deDem the Republican Party!  AND take it BACK!

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Aurora Sentinel reports on early announced candidates for city council and possible ballot issues

I encourage people in Aurora (or elsewhere) to read this article from Aurora Sentinel about mayor, city council candidates, and possible ballot issues for the November 2015 ballot.  Get informed early.

Keep in mind that all cities seem to have committees that citizens…


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Devil's Advocate Video: Urban Renewal and TIF Financing for Littleton but other locations too

Littleton, Colorado, has a special election March 3, 2015.  Jon Caldera on the Devil's Advocate (PBS programming) interviewed a guest familiar with urban renewal and the current ballot issue 300.  It is pointed out during the program that Aurora, Westminster, and other locations have similar issues so the video may be of some interest to others.

Video:  …


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Joni and the Mishandlers

I don’t blame Joni Ernst for her State Of The Union Response.

She has handlers, you see—or rather, mishandlers.  Exhibiting few skills and less vision, these insiders still network their way up GOP ladders. …


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Everyone needs to call or email your House rep. today to vote out Speaker Boehner

We have a chance to get rid of RINO speaker Boehner but the vot is tomorrow so we must all call everyone we know to get them to blog and call to tell their reps that they must vote for Rep. Louis Gohmert or we will no longer support the GOP>

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A New Declaration of Independence


When in the course of a relationship that has long turned abusive and one side,

the government, refuses to listen and desires only to dictate, and divorce has become

the only solution, a respect for the opinions of our fellow citizens demands that the

reasons for breaking the ties to our government be presented as clearly as possible.

Truth is that which does not change with season or fashion. We are all born equal in…


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Intellectual Cover

Two innocent New York cops are dead; execution style.

Do I blame “peaceful” liberals?  Well, not for directly provoking murder, as I blame the killer alone.  “Society” isn’t the reason this madman ran amok.  But it’s high time we hold some peaceful liberals accountable for providing a key, enabling component in today’s violent landscape.  I call it, “Intellectual Cover,” and it is a terrible thing.

Intellectual Cover occurs when “smart” liberals lend their voices,…


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