The Search


It appears that last week’s horrors provided another of our President’s “teachable moments,” because I learned something.  I truly did.  I learned that the Left searches more for “Conservative” killers than evolutionists search for missing links.  At one point, I swore I saw Leftists patching mismatched fossils together, labeling their discovery “Piltdown Tax Day Assailant.”  (For those non-science-buffs out there, just ignore me and read on.)


Salon’s David Sirota openly hoped the Boston killers were “white American males.”  No, seriously—perhaps he felt this would comfort grieving families.   David Axelrod suggested the killings were related to “Tax Day”—a clear dig at the Tea Party.  But Axelrod wasn’t alone.  Also accusing those flag-waving patriots were Michael Moore and Chris Matthews; and to my knowledge, neither apologized.  None wanted to face a clear case of Muslim terrorism, since Muslims strongly favor the Left.


In the same week, Paul Kevin Curtis—perhaps upset at having three first names—allegedly sent letters tainted with Ricin to President Obama and Senator Roger Wicker (R).  While I was blogging, news broke that Curtis was a “Southern White Christian Male.”  The Leftists were jubilant!  Stung by the emerging Islamic motives of the Boston killers, Leftists hailed Curtis as their “balance”—until it turned out Curtis was a Democrat.  Oh well, nothing to see here, folks…


…especially since Curtis was later released when no evidence was found.  Yikes.


Remember the furor over Jared Loughner?  He shot Democrats, so he was rightwing, correct?  Uh, no.  The guy studied the hard-left works of Marx and Hitler.  And what about the Sandy Hook shooter?  His mother kept guns, right?  Whoops, turns out Adam Lanza was apolitical, if anything.  How about the Aurora monster, James Holmes?  ABC linked him to the Right because an Aurora Tea Partier had the same name.  No, really—as if Aurora has only one “Jim Holmes.”  Of course, ABC had the wrong guy.


And looking overseas, let’s not forget how Benghazi was “a protest, incited by a Conservative film.” 


Wow.  Just wow.  The search never ends.  And with each incident, the Left’s witch hunt puts both sides on edge, wondering if this will be “the one.”


The Reality


Have there been rightwing killers?  Of course, but they’re awfully rare.  By comparison, leftwing regimes from Stalin to Hitler to Mao to Castro left millions dead, and virtually all of today’s killings in American cities are done by the Left as well.  While most Democrats are good people, something in their ranks is proving corrupt, violent, and sometimes even deadly.


Make no mistake:  The Left’s witch hunt for Conservative villains springs from a need to divert attention from the monsters in their closets.  I only wish we could “help” their cause by conducting polls of the following groups—to see how many favor, say, the Republican Party:


  • Muslim terrorists.
  • Gang killers.
  • Convicts.
  • Extreme abortionists like Kermit Gosnell.
  • Everyone who steals campaign signs, files frivolous lawsuits, or commits voter fraud.
  • Prostitution providers (admittedly harder to track now, without ACORN’s services)
  • Cartel operatives.


I believe the percentage for each would fall below 20%, with most in single digits.  And of course, if it’s a good beating you seek, just cover a union rally while wearing a badge that reads, “Conservative Reporter.”  Nice knowing you.


By comparison, if a Tea Partier gets really angry, he’ll threaten to not help clean up after the latest “Gosh, We Love America” rally.  Oh, he’ll still help clean up, but he’ll want his threat noted for future reference.  He’s serious, folks—beware the angry Tea Partier.   So desperate have some Leftists become to find “Piltdown Tea Partier,” they’ve even planted people with racist signs at TP rallies.  Thrown out immediately, these undercover parasites remain oblivious to what they’re proving:  That so much of America’s hate is on the Left, they’re actually hiring themselves to provide it for the Right. 


Understanding Violence, Turning to Freedom


Let’s ask a direct question:   Excusing the vast majority of peaceful Leftists, why do so many turn violent?


The answer lies in the Left’s goal of control—a goal I’ve detailed countless times.  Think about it.  You can’t value those you hope to control.  You just can’t.  For you, they are assets to manipulate; or worse yet, roadblocks to your plans.  And the deeper you plunge into this mindset, the more people transform before your eyes…from precious beings…into cattle.


To some extent, we see this mentality everywhere:  From schoolyards to boardrooms, street gangs to church pews, or families to governments.  It can start innocently, with the desire to protect others, only twisting into anger and control when our help goes unappreciated.  Or it can begin earlier, as gifted kids demand applause wherever they go.  Ah, the Alpha Dogs.  Brandishing looks, wealth, strength, or charm, they coerce others to prop up their value.  And of course, sometimes the mentality starts when others control us, deepening our bitterness until we finally seize control in any way possible—few people lash out worse than victims.


Can this mindset infect the Right?  Certainly!  Have you never seen the overbearing parent, or the beautiful kids at church?  How about the wealthy job creator who feels bitter when society blames and punishes success?  What of the legalistic pastor, or the honest gun owner who has lost one too many freedoms?  We’re not exempt from control’s effects, and yet…


…we on the Right rarely hurt anyone.  Why?


The answer is simple:  Ideology.  Rightwing people are no better than those on the Left, but when your beliefs revolve around personal liberty (Choice), you value people as freely-choosing individuals—the opposite of cattle.  That’s the beauty of choice.  Their liberty is your liberty, since their free decisions bespeak your inner freedom to allow them.  You control your own life, not theirs.  You’re content.


But the Left is never content until others are controlled.  Hence, their greater occurrence of violence.


Violence is the final expression of control.  Whether from bitterness or entitlement, one’s lust for control can reduce humans to subhuman status; at which time violence becomes acceptable.  Hurt them, and they’ll yield.  Strike terror, and they’ll cower.  Kill them, and they’ll oppose you no more.


Again, this isn’t purely leftwing.  Every group has violent members—even the brutal tendencies of nuns were exposed in that telltale documentary, “The Blues Brothers.”  (At the end of that movie, I sat back and said, “I think all of us here have learned something today.”)


My Conservative Brethren


It’s time we Conservatives take a fresh look at each other.  Ignoring the Left’s moronic crusade to find rightwing baddies, let’s leave them to conjure demons on their own.


Yes, we Conservatives can be annoying.  Yes, we can be pushy.  Yes, we sometimes disagree on issues like immigration, abortion, marijuana, gay marriage, and foreign policy.  But we get silly with it!


For instance, some of us feel America has brought terrorism home by intervening overseas, while others feel we’ve invited terrorism by showing weakness.  NEWSFLASH FOR BOTH SIDES:  More people are killed in the name of one religion than all others…combined.  I’m not saying all Muslims kill—most don’t—but maybe Republicans and Libertarians should do the Conservative thing and leave “blame” to those doing the killing, kay?  Debate strategy, but don’t debate fault—which is beyond debate.


Right now, the Conservative Movement is more divided than ever.  Republicans clash with Libertarians.  Tea Partiers clash with the “Establishment.”  The Christian Right clashes with Social Moderates and Gay Republicans.  And of course, everyone’s favorite whipping boys are the RINO’s.  We act like we have nothing in common, but we’re wrong!


Right now, I call on all these groups to observe each other’s members and realize something:  Virtually none of these people commit crimes.  Virtually none of these people hurt anyone.  None of these movements—even those dastardly RINO’s—kill people.  While these are, overall, our nation’s best armed groups, they almost never harm anyone, anywhere, for any reason, at any time.


Conservatives are incredible!


When I left the Left, the first thing drawing me to the Right was all of you!  Furious with the Left’s desire to “manage” society through control, I fell in love with all Conservative groups.  All of them. 


You people keep branding each other as “just like the Democrats,” but you’re wrong!  We Conservatives all make mistakes, but we love America as the Founding Fathers envisioned it.  Sure, we can disagree on that vision, but so did the Founding Fathers!  None of us seeks America’s “fundamental transformation,” because any such transformation from a free market society would make us…Europe!  (For those who haven’t visited the Mother Continent, imagine California—everywhere)


You people yell at each other, but you don’t bomb each other.  And if you ever did, you wouldn’t accommodate it by seeking fault in political opponents.  You aren’t the Left.   Not even close.


And unlike the Democrats, when you hear Muslim terrorists speak of being greeted in heaven by scores of virgins, you actually question whether that’s a good deal for the virgins!


I like you.  I like all of you.  For you all share something in common; something the Left will never hunt down or seek to expose. 


It’s called, “a conscience.”

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