Two innocent New York cops are dead; execution style.

Do I blame “peaceful” liberals?  Well, not for directly provoking murder, as I blame the killer alone.  “Society” isn’t the reason this madman ran amok.  But it’s high time we hold some peaceful liberals accountable for providing a key, enabling component in today’s violent landscape.  I call it, “Intellectual Cover,” and it is a terrible thing.

Intellectual Cover occurs when “smart” liberals lend their voices, debate skills, and credibility to fellow leftist communities from whom crime—especially violent crime—originates.  By the way, do you think I mean “communities of color?”  Think again.  The dividing line for violence is not one of race, but ideology.  Answer this:  When was the last time a bunch of Conservative young people—of any color—started shooting up the city streets?  When was the last time a bunch of young Republicans were caught in a drug war?  How many jihadists like the Boston Bombers or Major Hassan express views favoring the Republican Party over the Democrats?  Ummmm…none.  If we poll prison populations, how many Tea Partiers would we find?  Hmmm??

A Boiling Cauldron

Here’s a dirty secret about the leftist intelligentsia:  They know their side of the political aisle is a boiling cauldron, producing the vast majority of violent crimes.  Seriously.  When these peaceful libs “march for Ferguson,” showing solidarity with their mob, they know full well what pot they’re stirring.  They know what they’re inciting.  They just don’t care.  

Aware that many of their followers are dangerous, they say, “We share your concerns, and we understand you feel helpless and wronged—but don’t be violent—and we wish we could bring justice, but our hands are tied—don’t be violent—so please, protest peacefully, ‘kay?”

Oh sure, that’ll work.  Someone tell shop owners in Ferguson or the families of New York cops to relax, because leftist leaders ask followers not to be violent while they fan the flames of hate. Someone tell the cops who were hit by a car while providing security for “peaceful” protesters marching in Denver.  According to the police union, some of these peace lovers cheered when it happened.  But hey, don’t blame those liberal elites providing them Intellectual Cover!  They’re just calling for peaceful justice, right?

They’re stirring the pot.  A pot of liberalism.  A boiling cauldron of danger.

How about the constant leftist refrain regarding Muslim violence, moaning over a potential “backlash” against the peace-loving Muslim community?  Hey, I’m peace-loving and have nothing against peaceful Muslims, but let me tell you this:  As a Christian, if members of my religion were committing even 1/10th the murders that radical Muslims are committing, all my efforts would be geared toward cleaning house in the church, not protecting it against “backlash.”  But then, as a Conservative, I don’t provide Intellectual Cover for monsters.  

Not that I have to.  While every group with millions of people has some bad elements, there is no burning cauldron of violence on my side.  Case in point:  What is America’s most well-armed group?  The NRA.  Yet, who commits virtually no violent crimes?  The NRA.  Enough said. 

Bad Leaders

“Peaceful,” liberal intellectuals only follow their leaders.  Watch them stir their cauldron:

  • When Trayvon Martin was shot, President Obama commented how if he had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.  Gee, would his son also pummel an armed man?  Stir, Obama, stir.
  • Before the facts emerged over the Cambridge Police arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., Obama rushed to judgment, publicly stating the police had “acted stupidly.”  Turns out, Obama was wrong again, but the cauldron was boiling.
  • After the Ferguson jury reached a correct verdict, Obama gave the obligatory “don’t be violent” plea, but still granted validity to the protests—telling police to “show care and restraint.”  Right.  Like the police were the problem.  Let’s cast them as the dangerous ones, ‘eh Mr. President?  Fan those flames, big fella.  Your cauldron boileth over.
  • In New York, Mayor De Blasio told an interviewer he advises his mixed-race son not to reach for his cellphone around cops because it’s dangerous for “a young man of color.”  Not surprisingly, New York police literally turned their backs on De Blasio as he entered the hospital holding the two dead cops.  He deserved it.
  • Eric Holder pressed a continuing investigation into Ferguson, but what do we hear from him regarding a white girl burned to death in Mississippi?  Crickets.

Following such leaders, “peaceful” liberals give Intellectual Cover to monsters.  They know full well what they’re enabling, but they don’t care--even when they have no case, like in Ferguson. Rarely do they march to stop the overwhelming source of black deaths in America, which is black-on-black crime.  Never do they march to protest when white people are killed by their leftist mob. Never do they protest the millions killed by leftist regimes around the world.

And now, two cops have been executed for the crime of being cops.  Thankfully, their killer paid with his life, but what of those limousine liberals who provide Intellectual Cover?  What becomes of them?  Roving among their fan base are some rabid dogs, and the last thing America needs is “smart” liberals lending their voices, debate skills, and credibility to these monsters.  The only possible leash restraining leftist monsters is a lack of leftist support for their cause—not just their actions, but their cause.  Only this leash can limit them. 

But what do smart, peaceful liberals do?  Simple—they cut the leash.  Giving Intellectual Cover, they say, “Your cause is just!”  Then they look away.  And if this still doesn’t ensure what comes next, they tell the rest of us to stop mistreating their poor, misunderstood, rabid leftists.  They tell cops to be careful and show restraint.  Basically, they tell us off.

But hey, these are nice liberals, right?  They have nice families, nice jobs, nice debate points, nice everything—and lots of nice excuses when cops get shot, run over, attacked by thugs like Michael Brown, etc., etc.

They just stir their burning cauldron.  They just provide Intellectual Cover, free of consequences. 

How nice.


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