“Watch out for false prophets.  They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.  By their fruit you will recognize them.  Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?  Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.”  —Matthew 7:15-17

Do you trust everyone claiming to be a Conservative?  I hope not.  Expecting wolves to appear as sheep, Jesus saw through their pleasant smiles and likeminded buzzwords, instead posing one simple question:  “What’s your fruit?”  In other words, “What results come from following your message?” 


Wolves infiltrate a group to harm its mission.  That’s their bad fruit.  Against Jesus, this meant undermining the gospel, but the wolves facing us have a different goal—undermining America.  These wolves despise America’s founding principles, and they seek to remake America with governing majorities—caucusing as one to overrun liberty.   


 That means electing Democrats.  Period. 


So fellow Conservatives, let’s talk about our fruit—politically.  Faced with an enormous and unified Left, we can only win elections by uniting ourselves and drawing others to our ranks.  There is no other way.   “Unite Us, Draw Others”—those four words represent the fruit of winning Conservatives (and the hope for our nation).  Thus, if someone produces other fruit—if they divide us and repel others—we’ll know they are bad political trees, leading us to ruin. 


 Unite Us, Draw Others = Good Fruit = Good Tree

 Divide Us, Repel Others = Bad Fruit = Bad Tree 


 It doesn’t get simpler than that. 


Know Your Enemy 

But more is needed when hunting wolves.  In preparing for their attacks, you must first know two truths about the American Left:

1.  They have virtually unlimited resources and finances.

2.  They have absolutely no conscience; nothing limiting what they’re willing to say or do in order to win
     elections and seize control.


What does this mean?  Simply put, while posing as Conservatives, undercover Democrats can go anywhere (with unlimited resources), while saying and doing anything (without conscience).  Likely paid, these people are well trained and fluent in your talking points.  They use your bumper stickers, frequent your blogs, recite scriptures, and go to your meetings.  Taking time you think Liberals wouldn’t take, they form friendships you think they won’t form, and say things you think they’d never say—all to gain your trust.


Unbelievable?  Again, consider our opponent, and ask yourself, “If I wanted to undermine the Right and could—and would—do anything, what would I do?  Would I just shout from the outside, or would I subvert from the inside?” 


And once inside, who is the wolf’s top target?  Who does he most seek to damage?  Again, remember that, while we Conservatives bicker over ideology, Liberals unite around one goal—controlling society through winning elections.  So, the wolf only cares about math.  That said, here’s the wolf’s top target: 


Whoever is the most numerically viable opponent to their Democratic candidate. 


For the wolf, no one else matters.  If the wolf moves votes from his most numerically viable opponent to others with less chance to win—or to not voting at all—the wolf succeeds.   


Oh, I know what some readers are thinking:  “So, Andy’s telling us to get in line behind the Republican candidate and shut up, right?  He’s just another Establishment crony!” 


If you think this, you’ve missed it.  I’m stressing mathematical reality because this is all that matters to our opponent.  Truth is, the wolf can pose as anything—whatever helps best in a certain district, state, or national election. 


For instance:

If the GOP candidate is a Tea Party Conservative like Ted Cruz, the wolf might infiltrate moderate ranks, stirring up dissension against “those Tea Partiers who always demand our money and votes while calling us a bunch of evil compromisers.”


Then again, if the GOP candidate is a Mormon like Mitt Romney, the wolf may pose as an Evangelical Christian, telling believers (like me) that “a vote for Romney is a vote for Satan.”  This strategy paid off handsomely in the 2012 race.


Perhaps the GOP candidate is moderate, leading the wolf to infiltrate Tea Party groups, mouthing phrases like, “Why must we always support the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ when we know it won’t work?  Well, never again, I say!  It’s about time they see what happens when they ignore us!”


Or then again, the wolf might pose as a supporter of the GOP candidate, insulting other GOP factions so they’ll stay home on Election Day.  Some GOP candidates (ie. Mitch McConnell) even help this along with their own divisive comments. 


We don’t locate wolves by thinking about what we want.  We locate wolves by thinking about what they want.  Laughing at our internal battles, the wolf just picks whatever side provides the best leverage for creating division.  In fact, multiple wolves might choose opposite sides to escalate our internal war.  Wolves don’t care how they beat us. 


Simple Clues


But here’s good news:  Wolves are easy to hunt.  Just look at their fruit! 

1. If someone’s actions don’t unite us and draw others, then they’re either wolves or misguided brethren

    influenced by wolves. 

2. Furthermore, if following their advice would harm the most numerically viable opponent to the

    Democrat, then they are acting as wolves—whether knowingly or not.  Ignore their rhetoric, since 

    wolves will say anything.  Look only at the math.


During the 2012 election, I hunted some wolves on Conservative blogs, where one classic wolf posed as a Ron Paul supporter.  There were telltale signs.  For instance, while he’d often attack Romney or the Republicans alone (writing endless lists comparing them to Obama), he never attacked Obama alone.  Thus, all his efforts were geared toward dividing Obama’s opposition, not Obama’s supporters—though he would mouth classic criticisms of Obama.  Our division was his only goal, and harming Obama’s most numerically viable opponent was his only fruit. 


Success!  I had located a wolf!  Now, all that remained was to expose him.

The wolf claimed to stand for “principle” (a common tactic for wooing Tea Partiers and Libertarians).  Ignoring this drivel, I asked why he was so determined to divide Obama’s opposition.  Predictably, he said he was equally opposed to both Republicans and Democrats (ironic, given that he’d been spewing far more conservative stances than liberal ones).


Now I had him.


Thrilled at his misstep, I challenged him to provide pre-dated examples of when he’d gone on Liberal blogs and pushed such dissent on the Left—so he could prove he was truly a “principled Libertarian equally opposing Democrats and Republicans.”  Naturally, he failed to do so, and after Obama won re-election, the wolf proudly proclaimed his Democratic support.  By then, many on the blog were already on to him.


Hunted and exposed, he did no damage.  Unfortunately, many wolves did succeed, as millions on the divided Right stayed home, allowing another Democrat romp.

Stopping The Wolves

It doesn’t take a master strategist to hunt wolves.  Just ask, “Is this person uniting us and drawing others?  Or is this person producing the fruit of a wolf—driving support away from the Democrat’s most numerically viable opponent?  Ultimately, which side—Liberals or Conservatives—applauds this person’s actions?  What’s the math?”

Remember, not all who divide us are paid subversives working for George Soros.  Some just aren’t considering their fruit.  But that’s okay.  When hunting wolves, we don’t have to “get” them all, and it’s not even crucial to discern between the wolves and misguided brethren.  Just unite us, draw others, and don’t let wolves divide you… 


…for that, my friends, is the greatest way to drive them out. 


Let’s close with one more comment from Jesus regarding wolves. 


 "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”  —Matthew 10:16 


When faced with highly financed wolves who are devoid of conscience, it isn’t enough to be innocent in our principles.  We must also be shrewd in our strategy, forging the alliances necessary to deny wolves their prize.


Therefore, be innocent as doves, shrewd as snakes, and victorious on Election Night.


In other words, don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever help the wolves win. 


Happy hunting.


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