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Must Read! “Obama’s 2nd-term Assault on U.S. Military” by Trevor Loudon

Whether you are interested in the USA's military and its ability to defend the country or just have not thought of it much, please read this article by Trevor Loudon (from New Zealand) who is sounding an alarm based on information and reports he is seeing.  Is it possible that in four more years a main function of the the military might be to deal with global warming or other matter that the Founding Fathers would never have envisioned? 



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"'Issues' or America" by Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell has offered this short but very insightful article titled "'Issues' or America" and comments on one of those old adages--cannot see the forest for the trees.  He reminds us of the Constitution and only a few things that have been done to dismantle it. 


Please read the article.



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iCivics and Civics Education in Schools

There is a program that shows former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor providing testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The program is just under 1.5 hour and is quite interesting.  Check out the hearing at:


There is a mention of a web site or educational program that Justice O'Connor is involved with to advance civics education in schools…


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My View of Evangelical Christians Voting for Mitt Romney

I have heard many Christians express concerns about voting for Mitt Romney because he is Mormon.  They certainly have this right, but I’d ask that they give me one chance to offer another view.

You see, I am a former Atheist, now a born again Evangelical Christian.  My degree is in the Ministry.  My favorite ministry is "Answers In Genesis" with Ken Ham.  I am not a Mormon.  But I offer the following points:

1.  When Mormons cast millions of votes to help elect Reagan,…


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Property, Freedom, and Prosperity

The key link between freedom and prosperity is the right of the individual to own property.


Throughout history, no matter how oppressive the government, whenever the chains of slavery were loosened, the conditions of the individual and the country were improved.


The founding fathers believed private property to be a foundation (Bill of Rights Amendment V) and upon this foundation they built the other Rights, namely Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, choice…


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Family Political Debate

My response to a beloved relative who analyzed the election prospects in favor of Obama/Chainmaster. I, of course, am supporting the R/R Comeback Team:

"Dear ??:

Oh, my. If only I had more time. I do have time for this:

Left alone, Medicare goes bankrupt in 12 years according to Obama administration actuaries.…


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Ruminations on a Tea Party America

Just a general interest item that I thought you all might enjoy:

What a Tea Party America Would Be Like, John Hawkins, 3 August 2012

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Grassroots Radio Colorado-8/2/12-Senator Kevin Lundberg, Senator Shawn Mitchell, GOP State Chairman Ryan Call, SB200 and more!

IF you're in the mood tonight or soon, please enjoy our interviews tonight with GOP Chairman Ryan Call and Colorado State Senator extraordinaire, Shawn Mitchell. Frank Francone shares his insight on SB200, along with Senator Kevin Lundberg who is in for the entire show. LOT'S of fun, and…


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