The key link between freedom and prosperity is the right of the individual to own property.


Throughout history, no matter how oppressive the government, whenever the chains of slavery were loosened, the conditions of the individual and the country were improved.


The founding fathers believed private property to be a foundation (Bill of Rights Amendment V) and upon this foundation they built the other Rights, namely Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, choice of Religion, to bear arms, to think for oneself...


If a citizen cannot own the ground on which he stands, he can have no other rights


The assault upon this Right to own property began with the passage of the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. Since that act, the Federal Government (all three branches) has been on a trajectory to place all Individuals under an absolute dictatorship.


Each of the following acts, amendments, laws, and decisions have only served to further the cause of tyrannical government: Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Patriot, Kelo v New London, and now, Obamacare.


Even if we elect Romney/Ryan, hold onto the House, and take over a majority in the Senate, how long will it take to convince our fellow citizens that only the Right to private property stands between us and slavery?

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