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Why The Right Rarely Kills

The Search


It appears that last week’s horrors provided another of our President’s “teachable moments,” because I learned something.  I truly did.  I learned that the Left searches more for “Conservative” killers than evolutionists search for missing links.  At one point, I swore I saw Leftists patching mismatched fossils together, labeling their discovery “Piltdown Tax Day Assailant.”  (For those non-science-buffs out there, just ignore me and…


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The Government is Us!

This is no article.   This is a rant.  I am really angry, folks.


On Wednesday, while in Denver touting gun control legislation, President Obama said the following:


“You hear some of these quotes:  ‘I need a gun to protect myself from the government.’  ‘We can't do background checks because the government is going to come take my guns away.’

     Well, the government is us.  These officials are…


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