This is no article.   This is a rant.  I am really angry, folks.


On Wednesday, while in Denver touting gun control legislation, President Obama said the following:


“You hear some of these quotes:  ‘I need a gun to protect myself from the government.’  ‘We can't do background checks because the government is going to come take my guns away.’

     Well, the government is us.  These officials are elected by you.  They are elected by you.  I am elected by you.  I am constrained, as they are constrained, by a system that our Founders put in place.  It’s a government of and by and for the people.” (emphasis added)


My goodness.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I’m too enraged.  Setting aside the issue of background checks (which are necessary, but can be abused), I want to focus on two statements:


  1.  “I need a gun to protect myself from the government.”
  2. “Well, the government is us.”  


Mr. President, in mocking those who want guns to protect themselves from government, you just openly endorsed “The Tyranny of the Majority.”  According to you, we shouldn’t fear government because the majority voted it in.  No, seriously—that’s your point.  In your mind, Mr. President, the government of the majority must be trusted by all and opposed by none.  Just like that!  Laying down our defenses, we are to ignore everything preached by our Founding Fathers, who never wanted citizens powerless against their government. 


Why?  Because, Obama is “Us!”  It’s a new America, ladies and gentlemen! 


Folks, let’s take a look—a good, hard, honest look—at who we’re being commanded to trust, ‘kay?  Let’s talk about this current government that is “us.”


For starters, President Obama gave us Attorney General Eric Holder, whom, after inexplicably dropping an open and shut case of voter intimidation against the Black Panthers, actually referred to African-Americans as “my people.”  That’s right:  The nation’s top cop—appointed by Obama—openly chooses one race as “his people,” refusing to prosecute members of that race when they are clearly guilty!  And yet, we all have to trust in Holder, because his boss was elected by a majority!


In Obama’s words, “The government is us!”


How about Fast and Furious, where Obama’s minions ran guns to Mexican Cartels, resulting in the deaths of at least one border agent and many Mexican citizens?


No problem!  Why?  “The government is us!”


How about plunging future generations $6 Trillion further in debt in less than 4½ years?


“The government is us!”


Huge money sent to the Muslim Brotherhood?


“The government is us!”


Billions sent to Green Energy moguls as obvious paybacks for campaign donations?  Oh, I’m sorry; those were “investments” in our economy…


“The government is us!”


$2 Billion sent to Brazil for deep sea oil drilling—when our own offshore drilling was shut down—and to a company whose top investor was the Democratic Party’s biggest donor?  (George Soros)


“The government is us!”


Obamacare waivers for privileged Big Labor?


“The government is us!”


A president who preaches “shared sacrifice” while spending more tax money golfing, partying, campaigning and vacationing than the last several presidents combined?


“The government is us!”


Let’s not forget a racist Supreme Court Justice who actually said, “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”   Why single out white men?  Oh, I know!  Obama’s bigots get to live by another standard, because…


…“The government is us!”


How about a string of indefensible decisions leading to several needless deaths in Benghazi?


“The government is us!”


No Keystone Pipeline, merely to placate Obama’s wealthy environmentalist donors?


“The government is us!”


Remember folks, “The government is us!” is just a thinly veiled cover for “Trust me.”  That’s all it is.


Oh sure!  We should trust in the almighty leadership elected by the majority, right?  Mr. President, where was this speech a few years ago, when George Bush and a GOP Congress were in charge?  While you were community organizing with ACORN, fundraising with Bill Ayers, and attending a church where white people were accused of inflicting AIDS upon the black community, did you tell people to trust in Bush’s leadership because “The government is us”?  Were you out on those Chicago streets telling people to disarm themselves because the majority elected Bush?  Really?


What a hypocrite.  This guy only loves “The Tyranny of the Majority” when he’s in it.


One last question for our Majority Tyrant in Chief:  Mr. President, if you now want the minority to be so unafraid of the majority, then why are you—the most well guarded majority leader in the world—so afraid of a lawfully armed minority?


Well, Mr. President, you needn’t be fearful.  You see, unlike your supporters, we on the Right aren’t shooting up Chicago, DC, Detroit, and other Democrat-run cities.  Seeing all people as beautiful and all children as precious, we don’t pick and choose which forms of racism are more acceptable—or in the case of your cheerleader Chris Matthews, which forms of racism are even racism.  We don’t seek out Gun Free Zones for easy slaughters.  We aren’t dealing drugs to America’s children, lining cronies’ pockets with billions in taxpayer dollars, or attending galas with coke-snorting elitists from the entertainment world.  Mr. President, WE AREN’T YOU OR YOUR SUPPORTERS.  So relax.  You’re safe.


We actually respect principles handed down by our Founding Fathers—you know, those guys who never mocked citizens for arming themselves or being wary of government.  We’re just silly that way.  We wear flag pins without the presence of news cameras!  Can you believe it?  We see America’s greatness as something for which to be thankful, not apologetic!  Go figure! 


Above all, Mr. President, when you look at us corny, God-fearing, people-valuing, flag-waiving citizens who didn’t vote for you, please remember this fact:


Your government isn’t us.

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Comment by Joseph William Gabriele on April 8, 2013 at 5:55pm

Maybe what we need is a new Declaration of Indepedence using some of your "rant" as a bill of particulars in the manner of Jefferson's original.

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