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Message to the Left

By the way, Lefty activists, I know you are now looking at the Tea Party activism of 2009-10 as sort of a model.

Apparently, you now realize we are no longer dead or dying (like your ideology (dead) and your party (dying)). I welcome you to give our model a try (with your own added spin of property damage, lawlessness, and trashing of your environments for others to pick up).

We're watching. And, as we wrap up our celebrations and replenish our reserves, I want you to…


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Want to make sure everybody knows, NO DECEMBER ARAP TEA PARTY MEETING!. Next meeting is January 14, 2014. US Senate candidate Owen Hill will be among our guests. 

Merry Christmas! Don't forget the AFP appreciation night party on our regular December meeting evening, 12/10. Let's all meet there?!…


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Denver Post Joins Meltdown of the Left-Attacks Tea Party

Don't waste $2.00. But, if you happen to see a Sunday Denver Post Opinion section lining someone's bird cage or lying on top of a trash can free of the used diapers and cat litter most people wrap up inside, check out the assault on the Tea Party on page 3D, top and bottom.

Tells me one thing: The Left is terrified of, and has no idea how to handle, the fearless, fast-growing resistance to centralized, self-bankrupting government by those…


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Action Plan for week of 9/29/13 to Stop Obamacare

House to pass one-year Obamacare delay CR. Here's our action plan for next week. Back to the Senate we go....


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Response to Denver Post Editorial that Cruz "Fillibuster" was an Epic Fail

My "Tea Party" response to the Denver Post editorial calling the Cruz filibuster-type speech an "epic" failure (http://www.denverpost.com/editorials/ci_24184701/ted-cruz-speech-was-an-epic-failure):

"Dear Openforum:

As a Colorado native and proud 1960's Denver Post "paperboy," I was saddened, though not surprised, to see my first employer marginalize Ted Cruz and the T(axed)…


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The President's Castro-like hour-long speech was a train wreck, say the international reviews.

I couldn't watch the speech. I had an appointment to have my fingernails pulled off with pliers, which I knew would be more pleasant. But, the worldwide reviews are coming in. When the Castro Times comes out, I'll supplement this post.…


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Marco Rubio, a featured speaker at AFP Defending the American Dream Event?

I have taken a significant amount of calls, texts and interactions regarding my post earlier today about AFP "supporting" Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8 Amnesty Travesty Bill. https://www.facebook.com/randy.corporon?ref=tn_tnmn  Most have been very supportive, and a few have been very angry. 

Certainly, Sean…


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We win. They lose.

The mainstream media insulates this president from citizens learning the truth. Fortunately, their R-value is diminishing over time. Meanwhile, Tea Party, free market, constitutional and other liberty groups continue to grow, learn, organize, raise resources, teach and reach.

Rand Paul stood up to the cynicism and arrogance of the power structure this week. You can judge him both by the friends he keeps, those committed Senators who…


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First hour of first solo show on Grassroots Radio Colorado

The first hour of my first solo show. Thanks Ken and Jason.

Hard not to have fun with the Democrat National Convention underway. I enjoyed reminding everyone that the keynote speaker Wednesday night for the party defending against the Republican "War on Women" was the serial sex fiend, disgraced, impeached and disbarred former president, Williiam "BJ" Clinton. 

They also fondly remembered that other stalwart, great…

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Family Political Debate

My response to a beloved relative who analyzed the election prospects in favor of Obama/Chainmaster. I, of course, am supporting the R/R Comeback Team:

"Dear ??:

Oh, my. If only I had more time. I do have time for this:

Left alone, Medicare goes bankrupt in 12 years according to Obama administration actuaries.…


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Grassroots Radio Colorado-8/2/12-Senator Kevin Lundberg, Senator Shawn Mitchell, GOP State Chairman Ryan Call, SB200 and more!

IF you're in the mood tonight or soon, please enjoy our interviews tonight with GOP Chairman Ryan Call and Colorado State Senator extraordinaire, Shawn Mitchell. Frank Francone shares his insight on SB200, along with Senator Kevin Lundberg who is in for the entire show. LOT'S of fun, and…


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The great Dinesh D'Souza's latest video

I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting and conversing with Mr. D'Souza last summer after having read his amazing analysis of what makes Barack Hussein Obama tick in his bestseller, The Roots of Obama's Rage. Please share!


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Over 50 people, nearly half of whom were first-time guests, turned out on a cold and snowy Tuesday night at the Smoky Hill Library to meet candidates John SampsonArthur CarlsonJohn Lyons, …


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H/T Dennis Lisby
"Oh, my...type "www.communists.com" into your web browser and see what site it takes you too. How funny!"

Or, not!

Randy Corporon, ATP Chairman

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Mr. Hope and Change wants to create a nation humbled; humiliated, casting-aside capitalism and individual freedoms for one where “we the people” are government controlled. This would be a system that genuflects mediocrity, steals personal aspiration and opportunity, and punishes those who strive to…

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Chairman's Query 2

Fellow Members:

What, if any, should be the limitations on topics and postings for this web site?  

I am opposed to anonymous postings here.  I am also opposed to personal attacks, threats, name-calling, pornography and profanity here.  But, I am excited to see new members or new ideas/topics/issues being discussed.  For me, the more activity the better.

This group and this website has the right and ability to be the master of its own destiny, and to direct or limit…


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Chairman's Query 1

What is the difference between a blog post and a forum?

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Recap of the 2012 Arapahoe Tea Party Election Season Kickoff Meeting

116 patriots showed up for a Tuesday evening gathering at Smoky Hill Library.  We heard from a dozen candidates, The Inconvenient Sunny Roseman entertained, and Derrick Wilburn of Rocky Mountain Black Tea Party and Tom Tancredo closed the deal.  The entire meeting was recorded, so check back here often.

Many milled around well after the library closed, inside and then outside, to debate grassroots energy, Republican presidential politics and what's next.  Many great compliments and…


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Sunday Quotes for a Secular Nation

Sunday quotes for a secular nation:

Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Thomas Jefferson

This nation has placed its destiny in the hands of its millions of free men and women, and its faith in freedom under the guidance of God. FDR

Of all the dispositions and habits, which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable support. George Washington.

Freedom prospers…


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