Marco Rubio, a featured speaker at AFP Defending the American Dream Event?

I have taken a significant amount of calls, texts and interactions regarding my post earlier today about AFP "supporting" Marco Rubio and the Gang of 8 Amnesty Travesty Bill.  Most have been very supportive, and a few have been very angry. 

Certainly, Sean Paige and many several hard-working AFP and other activist group supporters have made it quite clear to me that AFP and similar groups, like Arapahoe Tea Party or Tea Party Patriots for that matter, typically take no official stands on candidates or issues. They argue for principles, organization, and unity. And some of those activists aren't very happy with me.

I believe the debate over the Schumer/Rubio immigration bill represents a foundational moment in our history, violative of limited representative government, the rule of law, national sovereignty, Republican electoral success, and just plain common sense. Republicans who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it. Only this time, if the open-border, amnesty-first crowd has its way, it will lead to permanent Republican minorities within a decade. It's pandering at its worst, reactionary, and ill-conceived. Immigration has NOTHING to do with why Mitt Romney lost the presidency (or why there are 30 Republican governors and 26 or 27 (but who's counting?) Republican majority State Houses for that matter).

So, featuring the face and voice of the deforming immigration movement at a rally (one that I've attended, loved, and hung out briefly with great conservatives like Andrew Breitbart and Mark Levin before if I'm not confusing events) called Defending the American Dream rubs me entirely the wrong way.

But, to make it 100% clear, AFP DOES NOT SUPPORT OR ENDORSE RUBIO, THE AMNESTY BILL, OR OTHER POLITICIANS OR ISSUES. They are a forum, and a powerful one. My use of the word "support" referenced providing Rubio another big stage, not their official position on anything or anyone.

I know Rubio is a celebrity, but he is certainly not defending the American Dream. He is trying to give it away.

Randy Corporon, Chairman, Arapahoe Tea Party

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