My response to a beloved relative who analyzed the election prospects in favor of Obama/Chainmaster. I, of course, am supporting the R/R Comeback Team:

"Dear ??:

Oh, my. If only I had more time. I do have time for this:

Left alone, Medicare goes bankrupt in 12 years according to Obama administration actuaries. 

Obama took $741 billion from Medicare

 to fund the greatest tax increase in US history: Obamacare.

R/R plan leaves Medicare benefits intact for everyone in or near the program, those 55 and over. The only way to sustain Medicare benefits for everyone 55 and over is to change the program for those of us who are younger. It's the classic, well-known and prime problem with Socialism. Eventually, you run out of other people's money.

The choice of Paul Ryan as VP was vintage Mitt Romney. He has identified the problem: massive out-of-control government regulation and outspending the tax revenue received by over $1 trillion per year since the inception of Obama-ism while strangling the economy's efforts to breathe. Then, he selected the most intelligent, trusted (even by revered Democrats like Erskine Bowles, charismatic and fiscally knowledgeable running mate he could have chosen. Did I forget to say, youthful, handsome and loved by women? Paul Ryan has put Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin in play for Romney, where Obama is tied or trails according to Rasmussen polling released today Romney was leading in Colorado before Ryan, Romney surging now.

Everyone believed Obama when he said Bush was unpatriotic to add $4 trillion to the deficit in eight years. Obama has added almost $6 trillion in less than four years with an accelerating trajectory up. Everyone believed Obama when he said he would cut the deficit in half in his first term or he would be a one-term proposition. No one believes they are better off today than when Obama was elected.

Our country was founded and achieved greatness (most secure, most prosperous, most charitable in the history of the world) on the principles of free market Capitalism, limited government, and individual responsibility. R/R believe in those principles. The country has seen what Obama believes in. Favorability down, can't crack 50%, undecideds won't go his way, has a record plus his myriad broken promises, and tells people like me that "I didn't build that."

Obama has never won a tough election. His team is in panic mode and the desperation shows. In spite of how weak John McCain was as a candidate, in spite of Bush exhaustion syndrome, and in spite of the Hail Mary pass with the selection of Sarah Palin, until the economic meltdown in October of 2008, Obama was losing in the polls. At the same time he was, in addition to calming the seas, talking of himself as a great, moderate uniter. Instead, he is the most divisive president in history, bar none, and he is doubling down. And everyone knows it and can see it.

November 2010 was the shot across the Progressive bow. Had Obama been on the ballot, he would already be gone. Since then, we have claimed the Ted Kennedy seat, unseated Richard Lugar, retained Scott Walker, and nominated Ted Cruz in Texas, to name an attractive few. In New York City, D.C., Sacramento and other Liberal bastions, people rally against protecting traditional marriage and preserving innocent unborn children. They don't care about religious liberty, preventing Iran from finalizing a nuclear weapon, or protecting the Democratic State of Israel. The rest of us do.

Obama is toast, and his racist, chain-loving sidekick should have been put out to pasture years ago. What an embarrassment. 

Other than that, I'm not sure what I think.


Randy Corporon
Chairman Arapahoe Tea Party

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