The mainstream media insulates this president from citizens learning the truth. Fortunately, their R-value is diminishing over time. Meanwhile, Tea Party, free market, constitutional and other liberty groups continue to grow, learn, organize, raise resources, teach and reach.

Rand Paul stood up to the cynicism and arrogance of the power structure this week. You can judge him both by the friends he keeps, those committed Senators who joined his effort, and the enemies he's made, like the one who called him "Whacko Bird."

The great problem for the Left and the big-government establishment Right is that deep-down in their master-planning, power-grabbing souls, they understand that Americans are born to be free. They also understand that for us, Reagan's simple, elegant and most forceful of rules is the only rule. Not every day, not every battle, not every election, but ultimately:

We win. They lose.

For the "truth" I'm referring to, please click below:

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Comment by Andy Peth on March 17, 2013 at 5:52pm

How can John McCain claim to be a Reaganite when he just violated Reagan's 11th Commandment about criticizing fellow Republicans?


Something tells me that Ronaldus Magnus wouldn't have taken to the floor to call Rand Paul a "Whacko Bird"--and Reagan would generally have disagreed with Paul's foreign policy.


McCain a Reaganite?  Not on this day, he wasn't.

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