I want to thank, commend and congratulate all the phenomenal people who came together with such passion, integrity and love of country to unite behind perhaps the most inspiring and charismatic person I have had the pleasure to hear live (3 times), and meet and talk to (twice), Herman Cain.

I did a commentary on a radio show earlier this week about how horrific it is that any candidate could be forced to even consider stopping a remarkable run like Mr. Cain's on mere accusations and press frenzy, especially in a country where John F Kennedy (the last conservative Democrat president) is idolized in spite of his dalliances and the criminal history that led to the family's original wealth and aristocracy; his brother, Ted, is deemed the Lion of the Senate in spite of Chappaquiddick; Bill Clinton is elected in spite of the Arkansas sex scandals and is a Liberal hero and statesman in spite of Monica Lewinski, etc.; and Barack Obama is elected as the hope and change savior that will bring factions together, cut the deficit in half in his first term, and restore the standing of the Unites States in the world without a shred of experience and a history of Alinsky radicalism, community organizing, voting present constantly as a legislator yet voting against legislation to save babies who don't die during an abortion, and associating with the Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wrights of the world.

Yet, this is the world in which we live, and the purpose and function of the primary sources of media which we must constantly challenge, question and overcome. I have met and supported 4 of the primary candidates so far, and had decided early on to not pick one to throw all my marbles behind, but rather to continue to encourage them and point out strengths and weaknesses from my perspective as the process unfolded. I strongly encourage, hope and pray that any of us that are thinking that there is no one left to place our support and energy behind, or are considering withdrawing from the process altogether or, worse yet, simply staying home on election day, please take a few days to let the pain subside, the deflation and sense of wasted time, trust and dreams recede, then start reassessing the field that remains.

We have or will have children and grandchildren, and a sacred and moral duty as people whose friends, relatives and ancestors fought and died for our system of government, the greatest ever conceived in the history of the world warts and all, to stay engaged, stay active, and stay focused on the most important task in the most important election of our lifetimes, defeating Barack Obama.

Our nation may already be to a point where it is hard to still define us as a constitutional republic. If we allow four more years of an Obama presidency, with his misuse of executive and administrative influence and his belief in the failing European Socialist model, we will never get back to the freedom, the prosperity, the focus on charity and the belief in personal responsibility that was the gift of our Founding Fathers.

I encourage all of us over the next few days and weeks to use these pages and our other methods of communication to begin assessing those that remain in the race, and to remember that, even though we will nominate a candidate with flaws and many positions about which we will often disagree, with an ever-more conservative House of Representatives, and a (hopefully conservative) Republican majority in the Senate, even a more political or less conservative president will be constrained by the other branches of government and will be more inclined to listen to the will of the American People. We would all like much more, but we still have within our grasp the ability to stop the train wreck that is clearly and obviously underway with the current class-warfare-ing, energy killing, American people bashing, imperialistic campaigner-in-chief.

We cannot give up, and we cannot forsake the better or the good because we don't have the option this time of the perfect or the best. Let's rest up, vent, clean up the blood, bandage our wounds, and get back out to the next battle. Every war has its casualties, and this is a war for the soul and the future of a nation. God bless us all, and God bless and protect the United States of America.

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