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If you want to really help change our country

If you want todo something on election day and watch over the voting in Denver metro to make sure there are not illegal's voting in north Denver you can go to and help in watching at the poles.

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Join the protest to stop Illegals

go to :

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We only need 10 million to send them all home

Instead of asking for 3.7 billion to recklessly spend on amnesty for the 20 million illegal's already here we just need to purchase airline tickets back to their home country's ASAP. This putting them up somewhere lets them know they have been successful in getting in, get them home so others will not come. Dennis Michael Lynch has said that whole villages are clearing out and on there way and we will see about 100,000 here by the end of the month while Obama and the Congress are on vacation…


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911, Hold Please

This past Friday, I was on my way to work in downtown Denver. It was early and hardly anyone was on the streets. As the shuttle pulled up, I heard a commotion across the intersection. We pulled forward and as we did so, I saw a pile of people on the ground – three people on top of one, pounding away.


I’m always amazed by people and how they respond to a crisis. One woman…


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Another warning about our U.S. Debt

The recent debt payment default in Portugal should be a warning to the U.S. with the kind of stress it is causing in Europe. Check prime minister Merkel of Germany comments at Bloomberg …


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British Tea Party (UKIP) and anti-establishment parties win big in England, France, Denmark

On June 13, 2013, I posted a blog with a link to SteynOnline (Mark Steyn's web site)  referring to the slow, steady  rise of England's UKIP (United Kingdom Independent Party) led by Neal Farage.  Farage was scoffed at for years by the Conservatives (England's RINOS) and Labour (Our Democrats) and Liberals (Totally Socialist).  On Sunday, the UKIP won big and wiped out totally the Liberal party and gained 117 local seats while the Conservatives lost 117.  The UKIP is England's Tea Party.  In…


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Food for Thought Article: "Rise of the 'Obama Republicans'" by Craig Shirley on

An article to think about and there is considerable discussion in the comments section where it is posted on  Check it out:

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President Obama's 76 Acts of Wilfull Lawlessness

If you didn't know already, Senator Ted Cruz has detailed 76 acts by Obama acting in defiance of the Constitution, the law and the courts.

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Please share this information about the Bundy Ranch standoff with everyone you know!


Rec'd this evening and don't know whether this can be discerned to be correct but one thing I know without QUESTION - the Southern Poverty Law Center is a group of VERY BAD PEOPLE - we dealt with them regularly when I worked with Charlie Duke at the Colorado State Senate in the 1994-1998 time frame - they are corrupt, lying lawyers and cannot be trusted in any manner, shape or form.  The Clark County Sheriff is a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center - that is very odd…


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Essential Reading - The Citizen's Last Stand - Are YOU Ready?

Jeff L. Wright's new book, "The Citizen's Last Stand - Are You Ready?" is must reading for anyone seeking an understanding of how we got here - the end of the 2nd Republic, and what we must do to move forward to found the 3rd Republic.

If you are part of the "remnant" who will build the foundation of the 3rd Republic, then this is essential reading for you!…


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Article worth reading: The Founding Fathers & The Classics"

The following paragraph is from the article, all of which is informative.  The complete article by Dr. Joe Wolverton II is at the link below.

"From Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, Jefferson, Adams, Dickinson, Madison, Hamilton and other diligent patriot-scholars learned of a particularly pernicious deception practiced by tyrannically minded conspirators. These instigators would place their fellow…


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March 31st gun law trial

Can anyone tell me the address of the courtroom where the Sherrif's lawsuit will be tried on March 31st? I would ilke to attend. Thanks

Added by Joseph William Gabriele on March 23, 2014 at 12:59pm — 3 Comments

Government Trolls on the internet

Some more documents stolen by Snowden and published by Greenwald follow. They detail the NSA's plans for disrupting the enemies of the State.

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Thomas Jefferson on Debt and the Federal Bank

President Jefferson saw the evil in public debt and and paper money and expressed as follows

"If the debt which the banking companies owe be a blessing to anybody, it is to themselves alone, who are realizing a solid interest of eight or ten per cent on it. As to the public, these companies have banished all our gold and silver medium, which, before their institution, we had without interest, which never could have perished in our hands, and would have been our salvation now in…


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GM cronies take bailout and Sell out to China

It is about nine minutes and will raise your blood pressure but watch it anyway...


When I was a kid it was "duck and cover" because the Russians were going to nuke us. Now the Marxists (BO and the Dems) have invited the Chinese to come in and take over.

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A Simple Summary of Obama's Abuse of the Constitution

While the Democrats and the state run media are focused every single waking minute on whether Chris Christie caused a traffic jam, here is just a simple overview of Obama's daily assault on the Constitution.

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South Carolina Tea Party Meeting January 18-20, 2014

This is a very important tea party meeting. One of the speakers is General Vallely, who is fast becoming an outstanding tea party advocate.  The event is live streamed.  Click on link below to tune in.  J. Waters

 Sign up to watch the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition convention LIVE…


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Need Help W/Radio Show Name

IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE HELP!! I need everyone's input/opinion. Randy has been offered his own morning AM Talk Radio Show on KLZ, starting this coming Monday (5am - 7am). We are looking for a name for the show, and I've come up with 38 possibilities. I've received already many votes on them, and would love to continue this in public. Would you all PLEASE response with the corresponding number to the title (or titles) that stand out to you? AND, if you…


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