we all need to know what Obama is doing at the border!

There was a report on FOX news “The O’reilly Factor” yesterday about a border agent being shot right in front of his wife and 3 children was very shocking but the real news is behind that. Both of the illegal’s who did the murders had been in this Country before. One had been here at least 4 times and been deported each time. Under Federal law it is required by OUR government on the first time to just deport them. If they are caught in our Country again they are to be put into federal penitentiary for at least 2 years (Section 1325 of US code) However, our President has decided he did not like that so has ordered in some sectors that the border patrol to IGNORE THAT FEDERAL LAW and decline to prosecute. They now can come across 7 times before they get sent to prison. The Justice Dept. and Home Land Security are not his to run. It is time the people of this Country are aware of this change in the law. Once again this proves this President thinks he can just change the laws when he does not like them. This is against President Obama and his thugs in the Congress so I’ll bet you will not report on it at all. Phil Henderson> Centennial CO. 80016

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