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"The Truth about Fracking" by Kevin Williamson


This article from National Review has a good report of how the process is accomplished and how the environmental concerns are addressed by the state agencies and drilling/production company.  There is a lot of information here, and I encourage folks to read the whole article.



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EVENTS happening week of January 8, 2012 (+?)


Since there are many events this week and folks want to limit e-mails, here is a list of many of the events for this week.  There are others that may be added to the comments section of this blog post.  If you have information please comment.


It is time to get involved with caucus training, legislation, and other events. 


January 8, 2012 (5:00-8:00 p.m.) – Backbone Radio with Ross Kaminsky on radio 710 KNUS…


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Independent Teachers Organization: Revoke Membership Info

This information might be helpful for teachers. 




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Election Results -- Arapahoe County Communities and more



Election Results and Commentary
Prop 103

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News Release (September 20, 2011)--New Commissioner Districts Approved for Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County had 17.2 percent population growth between 2000 and 2010 census years.  There is a total population of 572,003.  The county has five county commissioners and the boundaries have been redrawn to reflect 114,400 people per district.  The complete news release outlines the rough boundaries and lists the commissioner and is available at:…


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Liberty Watch Colorado -- Web Site Available

Liberty Watch Colorado now has their web site up.  The newsletters from recent months are listed under the "Media" tab.  The web site is still building but there are good informational categories.




The Liberty Watch Colorado group will be gearing up soon to review the next round of bills through the legislature.  Some people might find it worthwhile to assist with the reading and…


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"Colorado Influencers" -- A 2011 List

"Colorado Influencers" provides an interesting list of the people who were deemed to be very influential in Colorado politics.  This article is worth a read to get acquainted with some of the people and their brief bios because the list covers the usual players and now a few of the new grassroots people. 



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Noticed: Format changes to web page


Thank you, Cathy or whoever modified the format of the web page.  It looks good.


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Is this a good advertisement?

I just saw this video from the National Republican Congressional Committee.  Looks like it has potential, but what do you think?  Is there any discussion? 





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Liberty Watch - Colorado

Liberty Watch - Colorado started in January 2011 reviewing bills submitted to the Colorado legislature and posting comments for support or opposition on their Facebook  page.  They also send out a weekly e-mail newsletter on Sundays to update "news", "alerts", "legislative updates", and offer a guest commentary.  This week's newsletter has a number of alerts and possible action items that folks should be aware of. 


The commentary from Amy Oliver Cook [Greeley radio host at…


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18 Scary US Debt Facts


This article has some interesting "facts" that may be of interest:




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Announcement: Grass Roots Radio--Colorado at KLZ 560


Ken Clark (from Liberty Ink Journal) and Jason Worley have been dropping hints for several days that something was going to be announced Thursday, February 10, 2011, on the radio show they have been calling "Grassroots Radio" in recent weeks.  Ken, Jason, and then Kelly Maher (from WhoSaidYouSaid.com) have had quite the selection of guests from the various liberty groups week days from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. while Crawford Broadcasting decided to fill the slot Jim Pfaff had…


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Recap of Legislative Summit


Colorado Tea Party Alliance (CoTPA), a coalition, met with some of the state legislators on January 6, 2011.  A summary of some of the legislators thoughts are highlighted in the following link: 




This recap is posted to extend awareness of projects that are ongoing.  Some of the…


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Liberty Watch - Colorado

If you have Facebook, you may want to look at "Liberty Watch - Colorado" which is concentrating on the legislation offered that requires attention.  They have posted some bills that require attention both supportive and comments of disagreement.  They are also posting dates, times, and locations of the hearings on the bills so that people who have an interest can attend and comment.

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Ari Armstrong Interviews People Involved In Colorado's Liberty Groups [Dec. 2010]


Ari Armstrong has a blog "Free Colorado" and interviewed several people at Liberty on the Rocks sponsored gathering in December 2010. 


Lu Busse is involved with the 9-12 Project and has been the coordinator for a majority of Colorado's liberty groups.  In this interview Lu identifies the first focus of 2011 is with the legislative agenda, particularly a project "Colorado Legislative Defense" (COLD) team.  She has other comments that may be of interest:…


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"Colorado Legislature and You" sponsored by Hear Us Now, et al.


Saturday, December 18, Hear Us Now, Gadsden Society, and others sponsored a panel discussion titled "Colorado Legislature and You."   Jim Pfaff, radio host, was originally scheduled to moderate the panel but had a conflict and David K. Williams, President of the Colorado Libertarian Party, served as moderator [left side of panel].  State Senator Shawn Mitchell (R) [center position] and state Representative Joe Miklosi (D) [on right] discussed how the Colorado legislature functions,…


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Movie: "I Want Your Money"

A fun documentary to see is this movie "I Want Your Money" which incorporates old photos and film since the "The New Deal" to current with cartoon caricatures of the recent presidents (from Nixon forward) and select women (Hillary, Sarah Palin, and Nancy Pelosi). Comments from a number of people such as Andrew Breitbart, Star Parker, Governor Huckabee, and Steve Moore and others are interspersed to help explain the history. Of course it would not be complete without a focus…


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Max's Poem

Many people who have attended any rally at the Capitol, candidate meetings, educational meetings or fund raisers may have met or observed Max who is one of the leaders of the Front Range 9-12 group and organizer assisting other liberty groups. Monday afternoon following the "We Are The People" rally I had an opportunity to really visit with Max and learn more about his background and interests. He mentioned his grandson and commented about writing this poem. He decided to…

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Did you see that Philly bloggers are hit with $300 license fee?

Check out this article posted in the Washington Examiner, titled "Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 license," by Mark Hemingway. I hope this does not gain impetus around the country.…


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