Ari Armstrong Interviews People Involved In Colorado's Liberty Groups [Dec. 2010]


Ari Armstrong has a blog "Free Colorado" and interviewed several people at Liberty on the Rocks sponsored gathering in December 2010. 


Lu Busse is involved with the 9-12 Project and has been the coordinator for a majority of Colorado's liberty groups.  In this interview Lu identifies the first focus of 2011 is with the legislative agenda, particularly a project "Colorado Legislative Defense" (COLD) team.  She has other comments that may be of interest:


Thomas James, a founder of Peoples Press Collective, was interviewed.


Tobin Spratte, managing editor of Liberty Ink Journal, was interviewed.  Liberty Ink Journal can be found at some of the events for the liberty groups.


There are other interviews that may be of interest at Ari Armstrongs blog:




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