High stakes for anti-energy activists in CU Board of Regents race

In "High stakes for anti-energy activists in CU Board of Regents race" on "Page Two" at Complete Colorado (.com), Simon Lomax explains issues and candidates in the CU Board of Regents race.  Everyone should read the article, especially and delegates and alternates to the congressional district assemblies which is where the candidates for CU Regents will also be discussed.


If anyone has not read "The Blueprint..." by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer (linked in the above article), it was a "must read" book in 2010 and is still so very important to know about.  Read it and become familiar with the names and organizations.  Michelle Malkin narrated in 2014 a documentary "Rocky Mountain Heist" that only highlights some of the material in "The Blueprint..." and I encourage people to get a DVD of the documentary.  It is all relevant and important.



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