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Intellectual Cover

Two innocent New York cops are dead; execution style.

Do I blame “peaceful” liberals?  Well, not for directly provoking murder, as I blame the killer alone.  “Society” isn’t the reason this madman ran amok.  But it’s high time we hold some peaceful liberals accountable for providing a key, enabling component in today’s violent landscape.  I call it, “Intellectual Cover,” and it is a terrible thing.

Intellectual Cover occurs when “smart” liberals lend their voices,…


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Controlling Charity

If we want a successful 2016 election, the key is to start influencing people NOW.  Look at 2015. Stretched out before us are 12 months for breaking through, surprising those we know with a fresh perspective.  No rushing.  No need to get pushy.  We have all the time in the world.

To maximize that time, we at The Party Of Choice simplify politics into two camps:  Choice versus Control.   Selling Conservatism as Choice (which it is) while exposing…


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Presidential Pic.

The next Presidential election is less than two years away.  Conservatives must make the pic for the GOP.  Lets start talking about it now.  Today, my pic would be Scott Walker.  He is conservative, a proven winner, a Governor (not a Sen.) from outside the Washington Beltway.  What do you think?  Lets make sure our Colo. delegates know how we feel.  Better yet flood our delegation with Tea Party delegates.  This will not be easy.  There are still a lot of Main Stream Republicans who believe…


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New Speaker

We need a new House Speaker.  Trey Gowdy would be my choice.  What do you think?  If we agree, we need to start lobbying now.  I suspect, though am not certain, that Mike Coffman is a Boehner supporter.  If so, we need to hold his feet to the fire. 

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What did the president sign November 21, 2014, in Las Vegas? Regarding immigration speech?

People are starting to question what the president really said in the speech November 20 and then signed two items (executive orders?) on his way to Las Vegas on November 21, 2014.  Check these articles at WND:

Notice the comments about "executive orders" and then later "Presidential Memoranda":…


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