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"See No Evil" (Media avert eyes from campaign finance hypocrisy)

Matthew Continetti has written an article about a meeting that took place recently that was not covered by the media.  It is consistent with a group of people who is discussed in the book by Adam Schrager and Tim Witwer titled "The Blueprint:..."  The article simply helps draw attention to people and organizations that do not get enough attention.



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Message about Conservative Pop Culture from "Madison Rising" Manager

Richard Mgrdechian, is the founder, President & CEO of Purple Eagle Entertainment and manager of the popular pro-American rock band Madison Rising.  He has written an excellent opinion article titled "How Short-sighted Leadership Has Sabotaged Conservative Pop Culture."  The group "Madison Rising" joined the pop culture a few years ago along with other artists, but in recent months the group released their version of "The Star…


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Agenda 21 R.I.P Individual Rights

The most essential Right is to own property. Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto made it a central point to take away that Right. The United Nations' plan to implement Marx is Agenda 21. Read more about it...…


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Churchill, Never give up!

We all will write much about the past election.


We must not give in or give up.


We lose when we don't stand for much.


We win when we stand for all our Principles!!

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What the GOP Problem Is Not

Since Tuesday's disaster, I've heard a lot of complaining. Hopeless or enraged, Republicans are proclaiming the end of all things--and everyone's got their favorite scapegoats. Well, I strongly disagree with them--all of them. Let me clear up a few misconceptions:…


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Coalition of businesses and politicians aims to pressure Congress on deficit reduction

"Coalition of businesses and politicians aims to pressure Congress on deficit reduction" is an article by Peter Marcus in The Colorado Statesman that may be of interest to all. 


Under the heading "Colorado congressional delegate reacts", both Senators Bennet and Udall responded however there are no comments from the congressional representatives.


This article…


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Win or Lose (Probably Win), Better Days are Coming

I believe Mitt Romney will win this Tuesday.  We’ve all worked so hard, and I’m confident it will happen.


But maybe not.  This is a close election, after all.


Up until recently, I shared the opinion of many Republicans, which was, “If we lose this election, all hope is lost.  Looking at the deficit or the Supreme Court or Obamacare or our borders, etc., etc., the damage of another Obama term will put our nation…


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Obama = A Storm per Week

Like many Americans, I am donating to the recovery efforts for "Perfect Storm" Sandy, and I recommend we all give what we can.  I also salute the actions of both presidential candidates, as each has performed well in his position under the circumstances.  Their example, along with our united response, can bring hope to the Northeast.

Some estimate the damage to be around $25 Billion, though this number will likely rise.  But let's look at that amount, shall we?  Let's get some…


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Message Videos Added to "The Party of Choice" Site

Andy and Cori Peth have just posted several very short video clips with messages of about 40 seconds to clearly articulate a conservative (generally Republican) view on select issues.  The topics are:  "war on women", oil companies, choice and small government, booing God, Romney vs. Obama positions on abortion. 


So many people ask for a better way to message and Andy and Cori have boiled their workshop training down to these quick messages that may help with those last…


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