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If you want to really help change our country

If you want todo something on election day and watch over the voting in Denver metro to make sure there are not illegal's voting in north Denver you can go to www.truethevote.org and help in watching at the poles.

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Join the protest to stop Illegals

go to :


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We only need 10 million to send them all home

Instead of asking for 3.7 billion to recklessly spend on amnesty for the 20 million illegal's already here we just need to purchase airline tickets back to their home country's ASAP. This putting them up somewhere lets them know they have been successful in getting in, get them home so others will not come. Dennis Michael Lynch has said that whole villages are clearing out and on there way and we will see about 100,000 here by the end of the month while Obama and the Congress are on vacation…


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911, Hold Please

This past Friday, I was on my way to work in downtown Denver. It was early and hardly anyone was on the streets. As the shuttle pulled up, I heard a commotion across the intersection. We pulled forward and as we did so, I saw a pile of people on the ground – three people on top of one, pounding away.


I’m always amazed by people and how they respond to a crisis. One woman…


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Another warning about our U.S. Debt

The recent debt payment default in Portugal should be a warning to the U.S. with the kind of stress it is causing in Europe. Check prime minister Merkel of Germany comments at Bloomberg …


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