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Democrats bad, Republicans good?

Hello fellow ATP members,


Below is a an article I wrote for a blog that I contribute to on a weekly basis, so thought it might be good to share with this group, as well (it takes me all day sometimes)

You've probably picked up by now that part of my mission in life is trying to "evangelize" to Democrats,…


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Mis-information from the Radical Progressives

Below is an email from Every Child Matters - an email  newsletter I signed up for because I do think that "every child matters." While I'm sure the group has good intentions, their efforts are a prime example of how "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." At the recent Udall/Bennett budget forum, Sen. Alan Simpson effectively answered such demands from liberal do-gooders.He rightly pointed out that failure of the Federal government to get on a fiscally…


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Manners Matter


When you think of Conservative values, what comes to mind? Certainly, being fiscally prudent, adherence to the Constitution, limited government and states’ rights are attributes often associated with being a Conservative. In addition there are social conservative values, such as belief in a Judeo-Christian basis for our country, opposition to abortion and homosexuality. When I think of conservative values, I also think of honesty, integrity and compassion.

There is a saying…


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To preserve a free U.S., drink Tea, not Kool-Aid!

Below is an email sent by me to a friend who is a member of the Elbert County Tea Party in response to his invite to their next meeting.


Thanks for passing this along - looks like a great program! Unfortunately, I plan to be in Ohio then. Others, am passing this along in case you are interested in going - especially the "live fire combat shooting class." I'll handle the activism, right up until…


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