Has the Tea Party inadvertantly helped Obama?

Just had an awful thought. Was reading a report about the coming "Fiscal Cliff" that will occur after the election when the "Bush Era Tax Cuts" are allowed to expire, and the mandated cuts forced by the Tea Party as a result of the debt ceiling fight will take effect.Every time Obama uses the line about taxing "millionaires and billionaires", do you think he silently thanks the Tea Party for electing a Republican House of Representatives that stopped him from doing so? If he had been able to raise those taxes, the harm to the economy would have already occurred, significantly harming his re-election chance. I know we in the Tea Party understand what is happening, but too many people believe the spin. There are people who still watch the network news, and believe what they hear is real news, versus liberal bias. Discouraging, especially since the ones I know live in Ohio, which is predicted to determine the next election.

Perception is reality, and the Democrats are masters of managing perception. I could not watch the DNC as it made me sick to hear the lies, and realize that many people believed them.

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Comment by Fredrick Lindner on September 19, 2012 at 8:18pm

I don't think so, If we hadn't managed to get a majority in the house to at least put a "crimp" on this out of control fire hose, I firmly believe we would be at 19 trillion dollars at this election and possibly over the cliff already.  Of the many other things that could have potentially been a disaster if the Tea Party had not rose up in one huge wave to spank the Dem's in 2010.

Comment by Cathy Mitchell on September 8, 2012 at 10:14am

Thanks Wilma, you always have good information. I told my Mom recently that, "the country's future (specifically your children and grandchildren's) is in your hands. Please choose wisely. She found the speeches at the DNC "very inspiring" and the little she watched of the RNC, not truthful. I'm considering asking her to try and listen to some talk radio to try and get some balance, although she still believes the network news is not biased. As I've mentioned, my Mom is neither dumb nor uncaring, but the type of person the country needs - hard-working, cares about family, etc. So I can't just dismiss her views.

Unlike my other Ohio relatives, at least we have some conversation - we both try to keep it brief as our viewpoints are polar opposite. This is especially maddening, as she has such strong conservative values, but doesn't realize it. She still believes that "Republicans are for the rich, and Democrats for the poor." I've tried to tell her that may have been the case during JFK's time, but no longer. To watch the DNC and hear how they portray themselves as defenders of the poor and middle class is truly sickening as they are really just instituting control of the middle class in addition to the control of the poor already in place.  I can just imagine the millions of people who are lapping that Kool-Aid up! Unfortunately, un-like in Jonestown, the Kool-Aid drinkers won't just harm themselves,but the whole country. Maybe I should just resort to prayer.

Thanks for providing an ear to vent. How are you?

Comment by W. Branstetter on September 7, 2012 at 10:41pm

While the "Tea Party" endeavors across the country since 2009 may have some influences, I would be inclined to think that "Tea Party" groups did not set the dates for which the taxes or fees would become effective.  The "Bush Era Tax Cuts" were extended for one or two years at a time and is just one of the "straws added to the camel's back."  There are several taxes that will hit because it appeared Senator Harry Reid and others did not care to discuss or negotiate issues or set them aside until after this election--leaving them sitting there for two years. 


The extension for the debt was initially expected to get into 2013 and at the current pace that may occur sooner. 


The taxes that were built into the healthcare bill are a problem and that is an issue that is not fully appreciated but could be a HUGE problem.  It seems like there were some items built into the Dodd-Frank bill that could create problems. 


Considering the steam roller that was working before the conservatives, and not all had backbone, were installed in 2011 perhaps the situation could have been worse sooner.  It really appears that a primary goal for the Democrats may really be to have the problems occur after the election.  Some of them may be holding their breath that their house of cards does not collapse before the election.  However, if people are getting their news from the typical news media or Jon Stewart types then it could be possible people would never know.


Yes, perception is a problem but there are people out there talking one-on-one trying to move the needle along with a lot of groups with some projects.  There are some terrific movies out or to be released soon that will help with messaging.  ["2016:  Obama's America" may be moving the needle some if you have seen the faces of people leaving the theaters, and some were there accidentally.]


Have you sent the people you know in Ohio a DVD for the movie "Agenda:  Grinding America Down" or consider sending Dinesh D'Souza's new book titled "Obama's America", which part of the book is in the movie 2016?  Do what you can. 


Cathy, Thanks for posting your message.  Work on the people you can.






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