Notes from showing of the movie, "Agenda" followed by Q&A by producer Curtis Bowers and Former Congressman Tom Tancredo

In attending this event last night, it dawned on me that there were several opportunities mentioned for people to make a difference. As in the grunt soldier on the ground, most of the jobs are not glorious or high profile but the more soldiers we have for our cause, the easier it will be to win this “war.” One percent of the efforts of 100 people accomplishes more than 100% of the efforts of one person.

The movie basically outlines a war that has been going on for decades for the heart and soul of our nation. Until now, most of us have been blissfully unaware. But as in 1773, the “tea has been dumped into the harbor” and we need to fight back against a tyrannical Federal government. A high school friend recently lost her oldest son in Afghanistan. Whenever I am tempted to whine about the “hardships” I go through in this fight, mainly some time that I would rather spend doing something fun, I am humbled by the thought of the ultimate sacrifice paid by Lt. John Runkle and his family to ensure our continued freedom. Some may say we should not be fighting in Afghanistan but as 9/11 showed, we either fight the Islamo-terrorists on their territory or ours.

Perhaps our current war has two fronts – the more recent one against the radical Islamic terrorists and the longer term one against the attempted takeover of our government from within by those like Karl Marx, who believed that the evils of Capitalism can be rectified by a utopian version of mankind. One in which the government, instead of guaranteeing equal opportunity, attempts to guarantee equal outcome. In reading history, after learning of the horrible abuses in Europe during the early period of industrialization, I understood why Marx advocated his philosophy. But we now have the hindsight of history, and know that Communism or even the more benevolent Socialism does not work. Capitalism isn’t perfect, but it is the best and ultimately only moral economic system.

The movie basically outlines the “Agenda” of American Communists to take over our country from within. The word Communist became unpopular during the 1950s, so was changed to Liberal, and now, Progressive. Mr. Bowers had to reduce 70 hours of “evidence” into a 90 minute movie, but attempts to show all the connections between the various Progressive groups, culminating in the election of our current president who openly, through people such as Bill Ayers, has Communist ties. Like one gentleman who bravely stood up before the hundreds of attendees, you may disagree with the premise of the movie. I encourage everyone to see it and decide for themselves. A democracy only works if there is an informed citizenry.

Volunteer opportunities

Besides seeing the movie yourself, one way people could help would be to offer to host a “Dinner and a Movie” in your home and invite your friends/neighbors. Sharing a meal together may encourage civility. We have copies of the movie people could borrow, or it is available for sale from Amazon. If invited, I would be willing to attend. I like to see and hear the reactions of others. As I like to challenge my own opinions, I would especially like to hear from those who might disagree with the movie. We’ve talked about the ATP hosting a group showing, but would need volunteers to help plan and organize.

A volunteer opportunity that would really help counter a main tactic of the Progressives was presented by Kathy Peterson of “Jefferson County students First” (  and “The Collective” ( Having access and influence via the public education system to children is a main tactic the Progressives have used quite successfully, both at the K-12 and college levels. In the upcoming Fall, mail-in election for two Jefferson County School Board seats, adding two more conservative seats to the current sole conservative member, Laura Boggs would be very beneficial.  Having volunteered for several years in the public school system, it’s my belief that voucher programs are needed to increase badly needed competition. Douglas County, after a takeover by Conservatives of their School Board, just passed a pilot voucher program. These are needed in every school district, since the activist Colorado Supreme Court dashed the hopes of hundreds of low income students by over-turning a legislatively passed 2004 voucher program.

“I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy” is one of the pithy bumper stickers I saw at the event. Tea Party Brewing has a variety of items they sell at their event. Another volunteer opportunity would be for someone to invest in a few items, then start selling them at our meetings.  Once we incorporate (am leaning more towards non-profit status now) it could be a fund-raiser, but for now just to cover costs.

A little off-topic, but pertinent here, I recently had a very nice phone conversation with Rick Akin of the Steamboat Institute. Last week their group had Mark Hillman speak on “Are We Serious About Debt and the Size of Government?” As that seems like a great topic, Rick offered to put me in touch with Mark to ask about having him speak to us. Rick and his wife have done a great job organizing their Freedom group. He also put me in touch with a personal contact of his at the Heritage Foundation – a great resource. Rick suggested we incorporate non-profit as doing so has greatly helped their group. They were able to offer Karl Rove $10,000 to speak recently and put on a yearly conference that costs $100,000. Rather than re-inventing the wheel or going it alone, I would perhaps like to piggy-back on the speakers they get to come to Steamboat Springs.  Michelle Bachman has been out there, and will most likely be there again this Fall. The only prohibition on non-profits is something we don’t want to do anyway – advocate for specific ballot issues or candidates.

Just realized that I misplaced the phone number of a guy from Boulder who works for immigration reform and wants to come speak to us. Perhaps it will show up.

The Vice Chair of the Denver County Republicans (yes, there ARE republicans in Denver) asked for volunteers to help unseat Barack Obama. Contact them at: As all politics are local, being involved locally is the best way to help nationally. I pointed out to her that unseating our current Democratic Senators also needs to be a priority.

Tom Tancredo’s views on some of the current presidential candidates

When asked who he favors as a presidential candidate, Tancredo quickly offered the name of LTC Allen West (, although he’s not sure West is electable, at least this time.  Tancredo pointed to the incident where West, while interrogating a terrorist suspect, shot a gun over his head, and then told him the next one would be in his head. Although the suspect quickly provided the desired information, West faced disciplinary action but chose to resign. West was elected a Congressman from Florida in Nov. 2010.

Ever passionate, Tancredo was almost equally vehement while discussing Texas Governor Rick Perry, although in a negative light. Tancredo thinks Perry has changed his views to be politically popular, a characteristic also attributed to Mitt Romney by audience members. Tancredo stated that, “I trust those conversions when they happen on the road to Damascus and not on the road to Des Moines.” Tancredo seems to think that NJ Governor Chris Christy is the most viable candidate. The fact that Christy does not want to run for President is a point in his favor, in Tancredo’s eyes. Please note that I am only reporting Tancredo’s opinions, not my own.

To join in the discussion of this event, see the blog post on the ATP website:


June 18, 2011 at Golden VFW; Event sponsored by Tea Party Brewing, “with a little help from their friends.” Attended by ATP members Randy Corporan, Regina Thomson, Jack Mitchell, myself, Cathy Mitchell and I heard Andy Peth was there.

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Comment by W. Branstetter on July 4, 2011 at 2:45am


Announced recently, Curtis Bower will attend the Western Conservative Summit in Denver the end of July and will be selling copies of the movie then.  If he is not speaking perhaps he will be discussing the movie and the research with people who stop by the table.


Trevor Louden, one of the people interviewed in the movie Agenda, is from New Zealand and has been researching the history and associations of the organizations and people in the socialist/communist organizations.  He was interviewed in September 2009 by Scott Baker and Liz Stephans of


The site Naked Emperor News may also be helpful.  Pam spends much time sifting through audio and video for "in their own words" segments and has been working with Scott Baker at The Blaze for the last year.  Refer to:





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