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In the last few weeks my life has changed dramatically. I got accepted into a Master's Certificate program at Univ. of Colorado, which contributed to being accepted for a new job at Gunnison Valley Hospital. And we are now empty-nesters, enabling such a move. August 16, 2011 will certainly go down as a historic day in my life! (of course after May 31, 1981, Nov. 9, 1989 and July 1, 1993)


In talking with Wilma about this as a possibility earlier, she mentioned that the Arapahoe Tea Party has changed leadership before, often upon the Chairperson accepting a job somewhere else. We Tea Party people are kind of funny that way - will move, or do whatever it takes, for paid work. We don't just talk about self-reliance and responsibility, we live it.


I would like to thank everyone I've had the pleasure to meet and work with. Michelle Obama may only be proud of her country once they elected her husband. I've always been proud of my country; having been involved with the ATP has given me hope that "America's greatest days are not behind, but in front of us." John Andrews stated something the other night that I whole-heartedly believe - the Tea Party is the hope of not only the U.S., but the whole world. If the U.S. falls to the forces of government tyranny, there will be no beacon of freedom in the world. The world will have to go through another period of the dark ages. Does the burden of responsibility feel much heavier now? There is hope.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead.


The key is to stay committed, and rather than a few people doing a lot, recruiting a lot of people to each do a little. This group realizes that it's not so much the Democrats, the Republicans or any political party that is the blame, but the media and specifically, those who have taken it over (that and the schools). As the movie, "The Agenda" pointed out, that has been very intentional. Obama is just a puppet. It's the puppeteers we need to worry about.


Over decades, the Progressives (Socialists or Communists by other names) have waged a fairly successful public relations campaign and effectively brain-washed a lot of people. Many of them good, intelligent hard-working Americans such as my mom. (Being a good Christian, I will hear no disparagement of my mom.) The advantage we in the Tea Party and other Freedom groups have is, the truth. Self reliance, and people helping each other when needed, is the key to freedom, not dependence on the government. There is a limited role of government in regulating how people interact with each other, as in establishing a system of justice to mediate disputes (such as, you steal from me, the mediation is you go to jail) The tyrannical viewpoint is to have the government steal from one to give to another, termed "welfare." Most Americans are happy to help others; we just prefer to decide to whom and how we help. The money gets spent much more efficiently that way. (estimates are that up to 50% of taxes are mis-spent, who would give to a charity with that kind of track record?)


I'm going on too long on my soapbox. But as I've said before, hopefully this next American Revolution will be one of words, not violence.


Time permitting, I may try to stay peripherally involved. This next year will be similar to a year of med school for me, as there is so much new information to try and stuff into this old brain!


Like any rewarding endeavor, being Chairperson of the Arapahoe Tea Party can be challenging and time consuming, but so worthwhile. My goal is to not have my grandchildren spit on my grave for failing to do what I could to hand down to them a country at least as good as the one I've had the pleasure to live in. And rather than just one person taking over, the key to success is having a steering group similar to what the Colorado Tea Party Patriots have. (they only have 10 more members than us - 261 to our 251)


In closing, would like to mention the deep debt of gratitude we all owe to a very hard-working, unassuming patriot - Wilma Branstetter. Without Wilma's behind the scenes work and guidance, there would be no ATP. I hope her name goes down in the history books.


Let Freedom Ring!


Cathy Mitchell

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Comment by Fredrick Lindner on September 10, 2011 at 3:21pm
I can let you know that the chairperson position will take a few hours a week of your time for management.  The chairperson or at least one representative should also attend meetings with other liberty group leaders and also attend the monthly ATP meetings.  The position is volunteer but I encourage anyone with some time and commitment to take a role.  It doesn't just take one person and it is very rewarding.  As a current party officer I must decline the role to maintain the groups basic possition to hold both parties accountable.  My time obligations are also an issue.  I can however help any person willing to be a part of the future steering committee.

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