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U.N.: U.S. dollar may collapse

The United Nations has warned of a possible crisis of confidence in — and even a “collapse” of — the U.S. dollar if its value against other currencies continued to decline.

In a midyear review of the world economy, the U.N. economic division said such a development, stemming from the falling value of foreign dollar holdings, would imperil the global financial system.…


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George Ball /Bilderbergers

Although George Ball died in the 90's he had a huge impact on the disaster our nation is currently suffering.
He was in politics starting with the Kennedy era and worked for Lehman Bros. 
Want to learn more google this guy.

Here is an interesting article on The Bilderbergers

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Move out of the city

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I found this information on an African American Website.  I believe that those of you who are pro-life can get this information to African Americans they will begin to have a clearer picture on the government's and Planned Parenthood's intentions.  It is great statistical information.


Brothers: Men Of The Cloth

Abortion is a…


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Drug Companies

I have always said that drugs are the largest commodity traded in the world. 

I live in Colorado and 20 years ago I worked with families to get their kids in school with having been forced into immunization.

We were fortunate in Colorado 20 years ago. Our elected officials still be belived in the rights of it's citizens. 

The law was and still is that shots are not required to enter public/private schools.

The only thing that was required was that a record of shots was… Continue

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Dancing Terrorists attack Jefferson Memorial

Terrorists struck the Jefferson Memorial on May 28th in an apparently coordinated effort. Early reports revealed this coordinated attack carries the signature of past Al Qaeda attacks using multiple targets and unrelated agents. However, it is unclear if dance attacks affected other national monuments but authorities have been placed on high alert.

Law Enforcement officers on duty at the time acted swiftly to diffuse the dance threat before damage could be done to the memorial and… Continue

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Seismologists Charged with Manslaughter

Italian government officials have accused the country's top seismologist of manslaughter, after failing to predict a natural disaster that struck Italy in 2009, a massive devastating earthquake that killed 308 people.

A shocked spokesman for the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) likened the accusations to a witch hunt.…


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War is a racket


Offensive language. 

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On May 13, 1985, in the twilight of the Cold War, residents of Philadelphia were ruthlessly bombed from the sky. The enemy government was conducting a political mission, but innocent inhabitants of that distinctly American city were caught up in the attack. After ten thousand rounds were fired at civilians over a period of two… Continue

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SWAT read more on the incident

" This is because the "warrant was not directed at any particular person, and Guerena’s home was not mentioned, but it was targeting whoever might be inside the residence...."
Read more on the incident.

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Rolling Stones article on Roger Ailes

I have subscribed to the Rolling Stones about 4 months ago.  They actually have at least one decent political article of truth in the mag.

Great Article on Roger Ailes the guy behind Fox News propaganda.  If you haven't read it, do so.  …


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NRA backs Patriot Act

The NRA sold out the Second Amendment during the Patriot Act fight, criticizing Senator Rand Paul's amendment to exempt gun purchases from search provisions of the Patriot Act in e-mails to Congress while sitting on information showing the need for Paul's amendment. The information shows that the FBI and the federal… Continue

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I happened to catch a glimpse of a Beck show today.

He was talking about our forefathers and terrorists.  He also mentioned Muslims.

I can not say whether he accused early terrorists to be Muslims. 

But, the implications were clearly their.

I did try to see if I could find the show on the net.  (I could not bring myself to actually listen to the show.)

I could not find it. 

Most "tea partyers" are very much pro-forefathers.  I am wondering if the Beck… Continue

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Chinese rating agency downgrades UK debt

A Chinese ratings house has downgraded Britain's sovereign credit rating over what it said was the country's gloomy economic growth prospects and weakening ability to pay back debt.

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On Tuesday, during CNBC's Fast Money, Melissa Lee relayed an unusual options trade: a trader had purchased 50,000 out-of-the-money Gold call options between $1600 and $1800 and set to expire in August and September.

Such a move could have only been undertaken with the backing of substantial capital.

Brian Kelly speculated that the purchaser was a sovereign wealth fund--China in particular.

Arguing that if China revalued their yuan against the dollar, the price of gold in…


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Lagarde IMF facing prosecution

The glamorous French minister hoping to succeed Dominique Strauss-Kahn as head of the International Monetary Fund was today facing prosecution for financial sleaze.

Christine Lagarde, a 55-year-old former lawyer and synchronised swimmer, is being investigated for abusing her position to help a controversial businessman.

She is said to have awarded some £270million to Bernard Tapie, a convicted football match fixer and tax dodger who supported her governing UMP party.



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Congress inside trading

It’s no secret that members of Congress qualify as political insiders, but a new report strongly suggests that they also may be insiders when it comes to trading stocks.

An extensive study released Wednesday in the journal Business and Politics found that the investments of members of the House of Representatives outperformed those of the average…


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Debtors prison

More than a third of all U.S. states allow borrowers who can't or won't pay to be jailed. Judges have signed off on more than 5,000 such warrants since the start of 2010 in nine counties with…

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