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New August Poll for Colorado Governor's Race by Colorado Tea Party

Check out this poll with the contenders for the governor's race as offered by the Colorado Tea Party



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Brushfiire TV


The debut of Brushfire TV, the Colorado liberty movement television show, is tonight at 9 and 9:30 pm on Channel 3 in the KCDO Service area in northern Colorado down to northern Denver metro area, over to the northern…


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The Dana Show: The Playboy Article on the Tea Party

Dana Loesch, radio host and St. Louis Tea Party organizer, comments in her blog today about the article in Playboy in which she and other Tea Party associated personalities are mentioned. Dana's article is linked below and contains a link to the "ROGUES OF K STREET / CONFESSIONS OF A TEA PARTY CONSULTANT" (lengthy at 7 pages but a good read).…


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Denver Post: Poll for Governor (06/14/2010)

The Denver Post has a poll for the governor candidates in the politics section. I hope you will take 30 seconds and vote at


and scroll down to Governor's poll.

Friends of Dan Maes sent out an alert to this poll, otherwise I wouldn't have seen it.

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Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd

Herman Cain at the podium calls on gentleman from the audience for question/comment. The ex-Marine has good voice for this last verse of the "Star Spangled Banner"


A source for the complete lyrics for the "Star Spangled Banner":…


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Interview: Trevor Loudon on "Why Is Joel Rogers So Important to Obama's Agenda?"

Possible interest to the bigger picture...

Trevor Loudon of New Zealand discusses his (and others) efforts to identify and unlock the covert side of United States and global politics in this on-line interview with the BCast team at Breitbart.tv. The recently identified character, Joel Rogers is the main subject for discussion. There are over 40,000 articles on the "wiki" site that he and other researchers have developed. Trevor indicates that…

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Quincy, Illinois: Obama speech brought the Riot Police for "tea party"

Mark Levin commenting on Obama's off prompter comments in speech at Quincy, Illinois
Obama to Wall St.: ‘I Do Think at Some Point You’ve Made Enough Money’
You must check out what was going on outside in Quincy and was…

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B-Cast Interview: Brian Sussman (Climategate author) with other notes

On Breitbart.tv from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Monday afternoon, Scott Baker and Liz Stevens interviewed Brian Sussman, a meteorologist and author of the book Climategate. The interview focuses on Mr. Sussman's book and some of the surprises he found in researching the book--particularly the influence of United Nations and treaties on federal laws in recent years. This is a lengthy interview (about 30 minutes) and more informative than typical television sound bite…

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Global Warming Education Needs to be Balanced

Listening to St. Louis radio station [http://www.971talk.com/] again and heard an interview that referenced the following web site that others might be interested in. There are a couple of items here about Colorado schools and news. Perhaps this will be of interest...............

Global Warming Education

Needs to be Balanced

As we approach Earth Day on April 22, join with concerned citizens around the country in…


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B-Cast Interview: Network News Falters in Tea Party Coverage

A report from the Media Research Center prompted the B-Cast team to interview Rich Noyes regarding "TV's Tea Party Travesty: How ABC, CBS and NBC Have Dismissed and Disparaged the Tea Party Movement."

The report from Media Research…


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CALL TO ACTION: Colorado Attorney General Petition

The following alert is copied from a message I received from another group. I recommend supporting our Colorado attorney general by signing the petition:


We learned yesterday afternoon the opposition had started a petition against AG John Suthers for filing suit against the federal government…

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Songs: "God Save the U.S.A.", "Stand Up", and "See You In November"

On the lighter side for encouragement:

Two songs on video from Murray Goff Band along with the lyrics: "God Save the U.S.A." and "Stand Up" (both are on this page so scroll down for the commanding "Stand Up"):


"See You In November" posted March 29 at Breitbart.tv:…


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Aurora Tea Party (?) meeting scheduled for 03/23/2010

Earlier on KOA radio I heard an item about an "Aurora" Tea Party meeting at the Aurora Central Library at 7:00 p.m. I called the library and was told that indeed there is a meeting but a contact name and phone number was not readily available.

Does anyone know about this group?

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Petition Sponsored by Americans For Prosperity (03/18/2010)

Thursday evening 03/18/2010 Americans For Prosperity is doing a "robo call" about their petition to Congress.

Please visit NovemberIsComing.com and sign the petition.

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Video of March 6, 2010 Candidate Search at Douglas County Fairgrounds

People's Press Collective had livestream for the March 6 Candidate Search event at Castle Rock, Colorado, and has archived the first 3 hours of the event on their web site at:


I recommend viewing the video since the event was well worth the time to attend and meet many of the candidate participants.

The People's Press Collective will be…


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Video: Interview Tim Cox, Founder of GOOOH Movement

At one of the meetings someone commented about learning more about GOOOH. A video interview of Tim Cox, founder of the GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) movement has been posted at http://www.Breitbart.tv from CBN.com.…


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URGENT - Tea Party Counter-Protest at Obamacare Rally, July 28 at 6:00 p.m.

The SE Metro 9-12 Project group just sent out the following message from the Tea Party of Northern Colorado who learned late yesterday of an Obamacare support rally Tuesday. At the 9-12 meeting Saturday evening several people were planning to join this counter-protest and indicated they would be trying to get to the capitol about 5:30 p.m. Several people had attended a counter-protest last week that surprised the healthcare… Continue

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