Hey Liberals, Create Some Jobs Already!

Considering this week's dismal jobs report, Liberals, please answer this question:

Say a wealthy American has $10 million for building a business. To build in America, he/she faces sky-high costs in:
1. Corporate tax rate
2. EPA compliance
3. Labor costs
4. Regulatory burdens
5. Lawsuit protection

This wealthy American must compete in a global marketplace against foreign competitors having none of these disadvantages, so here's my question: WHAT'S YOUR PLAN TO GET THIS PERSON TO BUILD AND CREATE JOBS HERE?

What are you offering, Liberals? Higher taxes on the rich? Would you really tax wealthy job creators at the same rates as we did before countless nations started competing for their $10 million? I pray you’re not that stupid.

WHAT'S YOUR PLAN, LIBERALS?  Cap and Trade?  Card Check?

Republicans offer a 25% Corporate tax rate (matching the global average), greatly reduced EPA intrusion in the marketplace (balancing a clean environment with global business norms), Right To Work legislation (providing more jobs for all instead of fewer cushy union jobs for the well-connected), unleashed domestic oil and gas production (pumping billions of dollars into the private sector), greatly slashed legislation at all levels, and Loser Pays Legislation (saving American businesses from enormous insurance costs for protecting against frivolous lawsuits).

In other words, we actually compete for their $10 million.  We don’t condemn them for having it.

So again, WHAT ARE YOU OFFERING, LIBERALS?  Don’t whine about the global market. Don’t try to wish away reality.  Compete! Propose! Offer! Do something!

I await your answer.


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