Obamacare Ruling: Stop Thinking about the 9 and Start Worrying About the 15

Today, many of us watched in stunned horror as 9 people in Supreme Court robes enabled the greatest government power grab we've ever seen.

But looking forward to this November's election, I think we need people to stop thinking about the Group of 9, and start worrying about the Group of 15.  I refer to the 15-member panel that President Obama will soon staff to "control costs" by rationing our healthcare.

Think about it.  How many people like the idea of an unelected 15-member rationing board deciding who gets what in healthcare?  The answer is VIRTUALLY NONE, as only the hard left likes this idea.  So let's emphasize it everywhere Obamacare is discussed, whether talking with people we know or chatting on blogs.

Just say this:  "Do you like the idea of an unelected, 15-member rationing board deciding who gets what in
And for Conservatives, just how fairly did the Democrats spread the spending for Obama's Stimulus Program?  truth is, it wasn't even close, as the overwhelming majority of funds went to government unions, businesses who supported Democrat campaigns, green energy scams, and left-leaning districts across the nation.  So, after dispensing these public monies in such horribly biased fashion, just what will they do when dispensing limited healthcare funding and treatments?  My goodness, need I even ask?

So forget about the 9, and talk to everyone you can about the 15.  Trust me on this:  Virtually all Americans hate the idea of this board, but they don't know it's coming.  If we inform them of the 15 and let them know Romney will eliminate it, we'll no longer have to worry about the 9--because our NEW President will eliminate today's terrible power grab by the Court and our Leftist President.

Forget the 9, look at the 15!  If you want to see the polls move even further our way on heathcare, this is a winning message.

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Comment by Yvonne Michelle Gerhardt on August 3, 2012 at 4:11pm

What an interesting read!  You make good points, Andy.  Adding to what you've already stated, there is an abuse of powers within the Executive branch which creates these Administrative Agencies.  Thus the legislative process is sidestepped.  Surely this is NOT what our forefathers imagined.

When Roberts ruled Obamacare was/is a tax, he may have done us a favor.  He forever took it out of the Commerce block and put it in to the tax category.  From  my understanding, all tax laws must originate in the Congress, not the Senate (as Obamacare did).  If I am wrong, I welcome correction.  Additionally, as a tax there is the question of equal application of the law.  Clearly, such taxation is not equally applied, nor can it be.    

I don't think the lawsuits are over.  There are several other grounds in which Obamacare may be declared unconstitutional.  The problem, however, is that these other arguments were not made before the Supreme Court.  The Justices can only rule on what the formal arguments are.

Regarding the 15, this is definitely a concern.  However, as with other administrative offices, the next sitting President has the power to dismantle the agency.  

Also, a Constitutional Convention may be called for with enough governors on board.  I believe we are only about a half dozen short of the legal requirement.  There are several viable options for overturning or undoing the healthcare bill.  Americans need to be educated as to what the options are.  

Frankly, however, I'm not so sure that enough care.  This is a progressively lazy, entitlement society (except for all of you fine Americans, of course).  

Comment by Keith Ulmer on July 9, 2012 at 6:45pm

I agree Andy, no offense intended,I am really upset over this ruling and even more now that it seems it was done for political reasons and I understand the commerce clause protection by the ruling, all I am emphazing  is that this ruling will become a major thing from now on. Appreciate your efforts Andy.

Comment by Chairman's Committee on July 2, 2012 at 7:51pm

Keith has a point. Even when the PPACA is repealed the precedent has been established that the government can require you to purchase something of their choosing, or be fined for not doing so.   Can you say electric car, solar panel, low energy washing machine or cable TV or internet?!  Sadly, it will never be a gun or a weapon that will be a mandated purchase, but that is something that every American should mandate themselves to purchase!  

Comment by Andy Peth on July 2, 2012 at 6:16pm

Hi Keith.  I think there has been a miscommunication here, since you are saying exactly what I feel as well.  We have no disagreement here, and your point is dead on.

Comment by Keith Ulmer on June 28, 2012 at 7:58pm

Andy, what are you winning, the court just told you that it has the power over what you can be required to purchase, imagine what will be discussed in all the major corporate board rooms now. If we think this law came just from the left then we are just kidding ourselves.You can repeal this law but the court decision will live on for along time to come. Think about it!  

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