My View of Evangelical Christians Voting for Mitt Romney

I have heard many Christians express concerns about voting for Mitt Romney because he is Mormon.  They certainly have this right, but I’d ask that they give me one chance to offer another view.

You see, I am a former Atheist, now a born again Evangelical Christian.  My degree is in the Ministry.  My favorite ministry is "Answers In Genesis" with Ken Ham.  I am not a Mormon.  But I offer the following points:

1.  When Mormons cast millions of votes to help elect Reagan, the '94 Congress, and the 2010 Congress, did we protest?  I doubt it.

2.  Now a Mormon wishes to do more than help us elect great people.  He wants to do something he does very well, which is LEAD.  So, would we tell this Mormon to do what Obama tells all Republicans to do, and "get in the back seat" like a good little 3rd class citizen?  I hope not.

3.  In other words, do we trust Mormon citizens with the great responsibility of voting, but not governing?  Are they fine as long as they stay in the place we assign them?  That’s just not us.  

4.  Our current President went to a church that preached Liberation Theology, which is a blending of Marxist thought and Christian rhetoric.  His pastor and mentor mocked Jews while praising Muslim leaders—which was certainly within his rights.

So tell me, do we see hoards of Americans flocking to that belief system now that they have a President who supports it?  Of course not, because our President doesn't dictate our religious beliefs.

5.  Mitt Romney says he's running for Commander In Chief, not Minister In Chief.  He wants all religious beliefs—yours, mine, his, everyone else's—to be exercised in total freedom.  For instance, though he's not Catholic, Romney openly opposed President Obama's attempt to force Catholic organizations to offer health options that violated their conscience.

In other words, Mitt Romney supports our religious freedom.  He and President Obama differ here.

6.  Finally, Mitt Romney pledged to support whomever won the GOP nomination, and one reason is that he feels we need a President who cherishes the religious rights of all Americans.  Would you consider making this pledge as well?  I hope so.

In conclusion, I certainly understand the concerns Evangelical Christians have over supporting someone who holds different views.  We Christians have been demonized from every corner over every issue, so we have every right to our suspicions and doubts.  But let’s keep in mind that in voting for a President, we are hiring an employee, not proclaiming a savior.

We already have one of those.  And unlike the current President, Mitt Romney will protect—not attack—our freedom to serve Jesus Christ without violating our conscience.  He has my thanks.

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Comment by Andy Peth on September 8, 2012 at 7:42pm

Thanks, Cathy :)

Comment by Cathy Mitchell on August 29, 2012 at 8:21am

Good thoughts Andy. Thanks for sharing.

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