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Recommended movies

Partial list.  Please add others to comments.

Peter Schweizer narrates:
Riding the Dragon:  The Bidens' Chinese Secrets (Full Documentary)
[released early September 2020 before New York Post articles started]
See also many books and movies from Peter Schweizer.
ObamaGate Movie with Dean…

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Senator Sessions questions Leon Panetta

Recently, Senator Jeff Sessions questioned Leon Panetta in a hearing.  The video demonstrates who the executive branch of government thinks permits military action.  Has anyone in Washington, D.C. read the Constitution recently, specifically Article 1 Section 8?



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ATP on Twitter!

Although not sure how many "tweets" we will send, if you would like, sign up to follow us on Twitter. Maybe one of these days we can have some flash mobs via twitter!

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Balanced Budget Amendment with Ken Buck at CCU, Monday, June 13, 2011

I attended this last night, along with Kevin Keator, Jack Mitchell and Nancy Powers. We all agreed that DA Buck is one of the few politicians who is not long winded! Please feel free to add your comments here.

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Does party trump person?

I have often thought that the worst Republican is always better than the best Democrat. I often thought that a third party in the American political system was a good idea, and I have apologized many, many times for voting for Ross Perot.

During the Clinton administration I started to understand the idea of coalition politics, and how the majority rules realities work within the U.S. Congress. I started listening to Mike Rosen on KOA, and quickly…

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New Chairman

Last night the Arapahoe Tea Party hosted a meeting. The meeting was to include two main agenda items: 1. A focus group discussion about Ed Perlmutter, and a strategy for this Tea Party to bring about his defeat in the CD7 race with Republican candidate Ryan Frazier. 2. To elect a new Chairman of the Arapahoe Tea Party.



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Tom at a Tea Party

Been to a Tea Party lately?

Dr. Mike Scheider introduces and speaks strongly to Tom Tancredo.

Here is Tom's response.


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Review of Propoganda and Support of Dan Maes

If the last few days has purchased any new relics of wisdom, it is that no one is immune to knee slap judgments. Raise your hand if your only information you have received about the facts have been from either Peter Boyles or the Denver Post. If you look around I bet more than 50% of your hands are up. I have a somewhat unique…


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Letter to Tom Tancredo


Dear Mr. Tom Tancredo

May I first give you a greeting and warm hello. I have agreed with your causes and found…


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Tancredo for Governor?

I came back from my anniversary weekend with my wife and have found the governor's race completely turned upside down. Let me first say that I have not signed or declared anything in relation to the Governor's race in respect to the candidacy of Tom Tancredo. However I would like to open up the chance for people to comment and let me know if you would like to make any declarations. I personally hope to be working in the CD 7 and HD 36 campaignes this year after the primary is over. I was not…


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What can we do and how can we do it

It is important that, we as members of our own communities around Arapahoe County, try and inform the public about the policies and topics in our front line. If you don't already have a draft of the flyers that have been focus grouped then make one of your own for distribution. Our you can contact me for a draft. Try to keep if focused and on topic so that the reader is not lost, our focus is to motivate the reader to act. Don't turn away the reader with wild assumptions or fantasy statistics.… Continue

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