Dear Mr. Tom Tancredo

May I first give you a greeting and warm hello. I have agreed with your causes and found you to be a strong leader in the past. When you first sent Charles Heatherly to the Colorado Conservative Coalition Meeting, Saturday November 14th, 2009, I was eager to see you enter the Governor’s race. It was only a short time after Josh Penry had dropped out of the race and many Tea Party members were ready to support your candidacy. But like any singular event in history that changes the course of future events, an unaffiliated activist from one of the groups spoke out against you. Your representative left the room before many of the Republican organizers could call on making any judgment. I was deeply saddened to see you back out of the race a week later. However those are the events that have happened and they are the truth behind your decisions to leave the race. You could distort when you decided to enter the race all you like, but we both know the truth. Certain radio hosts can glorify you as a Paragon and invent their own understanding to it as well. I will wonder on these issues throughout this fall and into the years to come.

The reason that I write to you today is to discuss your current candidacy as a weakened third party and on the distortions made by your supporters. Let us begin with your supporters that are inside your candidacy race and not with an outside 527 group. I feel strongly that conservative well informed voters will shape the future of this nation and state. However for many of your supporters to actively advertise maliciously false attacks and use juvenile and sophomoric comedy gimmicks or personal attacks to weaken the conservative Republican Candidate is beyond the pale of what your image has been to this point. These are deadly serious times not worthy of cheap comedy routines and juvenile gimmicks like “pause….Tancredo”. On that end the voters deserve a better representation on facts concerning Hickenlooper. Spending all of your time trying to defeat Dan Maes could have been better served in a primary race in the Republican Party. Not in the General Election when we must work to defeat Hickenlooper.

Now let us move to your candidacy in the general election. You are a smart guy. You know everything I am telling you and you have weighed the balance of your decisions with your own emotional judgments. I am not going to outright ask you to drop out of the race. I would not presume to have any kind of ability to tell you what to do or to think that my opinion would have any bearing on your decisions. Yet my opinion differs from the “Yes men” that you currently surround yourself with. I would only ask you to consider the weight of what you will accomplish. You are the most powerful person in Colorado today. You alone will choose the destiny of this state for the next 4 years. You will ensure the victory of the Governor’s race for either Maes or Hickenlooper. In the years to come when the conservative movement is stopped short by a Governor’s veto or when the next Governor appoints an amnesty judge to the local Court or after your political career is in shambles. I hope then that you will remember these days when you were the deciding factor. Once the nightmare situations that you worst feared come true, will you be able to sleep at night? Will you be able to look back and know that your decisions were made on reason and not emotionally compromised?

Dan Maes is in his current position due in large part to the effort and hard work put forth by the Tea Party. This fiscal and religious conservative shares a common theme and direction that you yourself would be fortunate to emulate. He does not consider himself to be wiser or a better thinker than you. He in fact has looked up to you much as I have in the past. His candidacy and election was brought forward from the events that have shaped this state over the last year just like the Tea Party. His position in government would also be shaped by the views of the Tea Party, for without this massive lobby he would face a short term of office. He will also put into leadership positions experienced and smarter people than you or I to help shape the future of the State. It is a tragic shame that you have removed your seat from this table but we all learn from our past, and if our state and nation survives the next few years I would hope that we all become a little more forgiving and understanding of each other’s conservative views.

Fredrick Lindner

ATP Coordinator

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Comment by Fredrick Lindner on October 6, 2010 at 6:10pm
I must caution everyone again that vetting is not the issue with Dan Maes. You can fault him for not addressing the distortions made my media hacks and political opposition but do not address the man as a liar or con-man. Read the actual statements and look at the evidence of factual data. I will shine a little light if anyone wants to ask.
Comment by Fredrick Lindner on October 6, 2010 at 6:06pm
(( The following email was sent to me, I did not create the message but I thought that you should all see it. Fredrick))

Tom Tancredo Freda Poundstone "birds of a feather...." "like peas in ...."

Sent by a college Republican:

Watch both of these videos in this order please.

Comment by Chairman's Committee on September 4, 2010 at 4:04pm
Here is the interview with Dan Maes. He was involved with the Investigation. Dan handed Frida the check to end the debate. Calm down and listen.

Comment by Keith Ulmer on September 1, 2010 at 9:45pm
I think this race changed today with the Denver Post article on Dan's previous employment and the pulling of Hank Browns endorsement. It's character over party that's how we will take our nation back. The nation was hoodwinked with "hope and change" two years ago, we should learn our lessons. It's too bad the Republican party didn't do a better job vetting these canidates. Maybe its time for a third party win. This is the oddest political season in a long time. Keith Ulmer

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