Rand’s Detroit Vision: A Blueprint for Humiliating the Left

Rand Paul wants to save Detroit.  After watching decades of failed Democrat governance and President Obama’s disastrous bailout, Senator Paul is proposing a Kemp-style fix through his “Freedom Plan.”


Quoting Senator Paul on Sean Hannity’s show:


“We're going to take the personal income tax and the corporate tax down to five percent. We're going to get rid of the capital gains tax. We're going to bring the payroll tax down for the worker and employer. And we're going to reduce the red tape and let businesses thrive.”


Wow.  Rand Paul hopes to reverse an eternity of Socialist collapse.  Mr. Senator, I applaud you.


But for me, here’s the biggest benefit to Rand’s plan:  It has people talking about Detroit, which is the last thing wanted by our pals on the Left.  Seriously.  Recent studies show that uttering the word, “Detroit,” will prompt Dems to blurt, “Hey, how ‘bout that Benghazi story?”   Detroit, my friends, is pure Republican gold.  It’s the Dems’ idiot brother hidden away in their basement.  It is their Frankenstein experiment run amok, mauling villagers and shouting, “I want to live!” while urinating on dumpsters.


In fact, we at The Party Of Choice make a bumper sticker that reads, “Detroitifornia:  Obama’s Blueprint for Success.”  Detroit and California are the smoking guns of Leftwing failure; the stained dresses of Democrat depravity.   Whatever Obama wants America to do, Detroitifornia has already done—a lot.  Want to know the outcome for every Dem initiative?  Look no further than Detroitifornia. 


I’d like to propose two new laws:  One, from this day forth, the chalk outline for every victim at murder crime scenes must be drawn in the shape of California.  And two, the voice of Barack Obama saying, “Detroit is coming back!” must be every cell phone’s new ringtone.  Elect me as your Supreme Leader, and these things shall come to pass.


Back to Rand Paul.   While I’m unsure of his plan’s details—5% seems awfully low—it at least highlights the beauty of getting government out of our way rather than seeking its rescue.  Should his proposal ever pass, Detroit would become a Midwestern Mecca of business growth; a capitalist boomtown.  Thus, the Dems will prevent it.  They’ll quash this potential success, lest it provide a winning GOP contrast for 2016.  Can’t have Rand turn your Frankenstein into his Brad Pitt now, can we? 


But I ask you, must we wait for Rand’s plan?  We have great contrasts now!  I want GOP candidates to compare Detroit and California with North Dakota, where a fraking-led oil boom on private land has Americans rethinking whether Hawaii is our most beautiful state.  If you ask me, every Republican candidate should simply say, “My opponent’s proposals already created Detroit and California, while I prefer the results in North Dakota.  What do you think, folks?”  Game, set, and match.


Rand Paul’s blueprint for humiliating the Democratic Party, in my view, can be used right away.


As for Paul’s Detroit focus, this humiliates the Democrats’ biggest supporters:  Labor Unions.  You know, I often wonder whether it was public or private unions that did Detroit the most harm.  Primarily of the auto industry, private unions ran labor costs sky-high, driving off (pardon the pun) job creation at a record pace.  More recently, the public unions (such as school teachers) buried taxpayers with hilarious demands for continued, unsustainable pension funding—even though such pensions were virtually gone in the private sector.  So, which unions are to blame?  Public or private?  The answer is, “Yes.”


Ah, but Detroit’s example goes beyond humiliating Democrats in general, or their beloved union cronies—it hits Obama himself, along with his crumbling legacy.


Understand, the American Taxpayer is still owed over $9 Billion from Obama’s GM Bailout—a shocking amount.  This figure is worsened by GM’s shares underperforming in a grossly inflated stock market; a market soaring on the printing of trillions in worthless cash.  So thanks to QE-whatever, not only does GM still owe us lots of money, but the money it owes and has “paid” is worth much less.  Lovely.


Oh, and let’s remember, GM’s bondholders (who by law should have been first in line for “Obama-money”) were bumped aside for Obama’s beloved Labor Unions.  Forget legal justice; Obama imposed his brand of social justice, showering union allies with billions in tax-funded payoffs.  But hey, they needed it.  Stricken with poverty, these auto union supporters only averaged nearly $150,000 each in total annual compensation (including base pay, benefits, pensions, and free pasta at all mob-owned restaurants).  So naturally, they needed help STAT—bondholders be damned.


To think, with all this bootie—sorry, “Federal Assistance”—Detroit still declared bankruptcy.   Amazing.


Summing up, Rand Paul’s “Freedom Plan,” implemented or not, draws attention to failures of the Democrats, their union thug supporters, and Barack Obama himself.  Paul’s ingenuity humiliates their fiascoes.  His letting go of government power humiliates their seizing of government power.  His opportunity model for all Detroit citizens humiliates Obama’s targeted bailouts for cronies.


In the meantime, we should take Rand’s example and start humiliating Democrats NOW with constant comparisons between Detroitifornia and places like North Dakota, Louisiana, Texas, New Jersey (balanced budgets, anyone?), Wisconsin (more balanced budgets, anyone?), etc., etc., etc.  It’s time to start humiliating the Left for their failures, not accommodating them for dreams of bipartisanship.


Rand has shown the way.  It leads through Detroit, of all places.  Let’s make sure no one forgets it.

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Comment by W. Branstetter on December 8, 2013 at 7:28pm

Thanks, Andy!  I do enjoy your comments.  Keep these items coming when you have time.

Comment by Joseph William Gabriele on December 8, 2013 at 7:22pm

Andy have you ever read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged? It was published in 1959 and pretty much predicted everything mentioned in your post.

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