Must Read! “Obama’s 2nd-term Assault on U.S. Military” by Trevor Loudon

Whether you are interested in the USA's military and its ability to defend the country or just have not thought of it much, please read this article by Trevor Loudon (from New Zealand) who is sounding an alarm based on information and reports he is seeing.  Is it possible that in four more years a main function of the the military might be to deal with global warming or other matter that the Founding Fathers would never have envisioned?


If you are new to learning some of the issues of concern, Trevor Loudon has been researching many of the groups and their goals from around the globe that might be of a danger to New Zealand and the USA.  He is currently on his second tour this year to speak to as many people as possible before November--that is how concerned he is about the situation in this country.  He will be in Colorado soon so watch for event announcements. 


Web site:


More than 61,000 articles here on the organizations and people of the political left:


He does have an excellent book Barack Obama and the Enemies Within that is encyclopedic in its content. 



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