Dr. Jill Q. Vecchio Comments on Radio Message on Healthcare

Dr. Jill Q. Vecchio has been doing short messages on KLZ 560 radio and other Crawford Broadcasting stations (10 markets) with a great deal of interest.  They are working the messages into Hispanic messages to air on other radio stations.  Please read her message and help if you can.

This healthcare talk stuff is really taking off! As you may know, I'm now doing daily commentaries for Crawford Broadcasting in 10 cities across the country and they are being well-received. I'm getting calls every day now from docs and folks around the country who have seen or heard my YouTube or radio messages on the healthcare law. Now for the next step...

We are now in the process of translating those commentaries into Spanish and making them less partisan so they will appeal to a more undecided voter. Since they will not be asking for votes for a specific candidate, we can raise funds through the Joseph Warren Institute (a 501c4 organization that Docsquads is under). We have airtime available on a local Denver Latino radio station and have raised money for the first week of commentaries. Each week, we have time available air 10 commentaries (2 per day)--that should take us up to the election. We obviously would like to expand this message to include Latino stations in other swing states as soon as possible. Radio is a very important media for Hispanics and the only message they are hearing on Obamacare/PPACA is from its supporters. Hispanics share many conservative values, but they are being told that they should vote with Democrats! We are getting interest from local conservative Latino groups and businesses, but we need your help as well.

So PLEASE send whatever you can--$25, $500, whatever. Here's what your money will buy:

$85 buys one commentary (prices will vary depending on which radio stations we are able to work with)
$170 buys one day of commentaries
$850 buys a week's worth of commentaries
$5-100 will help to pay for production costs

Make donations thru the Joseph Warren Institute/Docsquads website "Hispanic Outreach" whuch is the second "donate" button on this page (bottom of right column):




I know you're being bombarded with folks asking you for money, but no one is doing a project like this that we've found, so this is a unique opportunity to educate the Latino community on the truth about the PPACA/Obamacare law! This could change alot of votes in swing states like Colorado!

Thanks for your consideration!

Jill Q. Vecchio, MD

The link to access the 7 YouTube videos is:


I have heard some of the short radio messages and they really offer a compelling message.


If this is an action item that you can support, please do so.

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Comment by John J. Waters on September 24, 2012 at 11:23am

Here's a copy of a letter I sent to KLZ Crawford on September 17:

I'd like to express my sincere thanks for each of the one-minute excellent "interpretations", of so-called "Obamacare" given by Doctor Jill Vecchio on station  KLZ 560 Denver.  The good doctor is not only colossally smart, but she knows more about this "law" and its demolition of our doctors, nurses and hospitals, not to mention its destruction of our unparalleled medical research and innovation, than every illiterate Democrat who voted to pass it.  I'm certain none of these cretins have ever read further than their own wobbly-fingered signatures on this word-processed death warrant.  Conservative talk stars and politicians rant about the law, but it's evident that they're toom damn lazy to read it.  It's been pasted together  for fifty years by ambulance chasers and every Communist think tank from Palo Alto to Moscow (by way of Havana).  Thank God for Dr. Jill and another bright light, Betsy McCaughey, apparently the only two persons in the entire country who have read and intelligently analyzed this garbage.  I hope Jill's messages are being played on every one of your stations.  They are, bar none, the recipe for repeal.  Speaking of "peal", Jill's messages resouind like the Liberty Bell.  Jack Waters

Comment by W. Branstetter on September 22, 2012 at 1:05pm

All of Dr. Vecchio's YouTube videos have visual links on the bottom of the docsquad web page at:




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