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Important Notice: Party Leadership Selection in the Off Year Election.

Important Notice:  Party Leadership Selection in the Off Year Election. 

To all active members of the Arapahoe Tea Party who will represent the Republican Officers at this next month’s Central Committee Meeting.  You might have noticed if you are a precinct leader or county officer of the upcoming meeting.  If you have never been all the precincts will be in attendance to elect our new county officers for the Republican Party.  Of the positions that will be in contention are the…


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Hey Guys, lets get out the vote.  Talk to your neighbors, get your family out there.  Early voting is underway so it can be made really easy.  Help people to find their way to voting centers if needed.  If you are doing a sign waving make sure to stay at least 100' away from the front door of the polling center.  If you find someone violating this then feel free to call me and we can try to get some people down there and take photos.


Lets make that last push to put us over…


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Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

((the following is a copy of the transcript of the link provided below.  Learn this stuff because the other side is so fluent with their use that they have forgotten where it all comes from.))

Some of these rules are ruthless, but they work. Here are the rules to be aware of:

RULE 1: "Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have." Power is derived from 2 main sources - money and people. "Have-Nots" must build power from flesh and blood. (These are two…


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Petition in Support of a Balance Budget Amendment

Petition in Support of a Balance Budget Amendment

For the purpose of defending the economic stability of the United States, maintaining the economic sovereignty of the United States from foreign pressures, and to maintain the standard of the US currency in global markets, Congress shall maintain a balanced federal budget.  Federal debt is a matter of national defense and shall not be postponed for any fiscal year and must…


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Welcome everyone and lets celebrate 3 years of activity.  I actually sat down and watched our slide show and it is absolutely wonderful to be reminded by the images of our meetings in the coffee house and in the club house back in 2009.  The images are from everyone and everyone has taken such wonderfull photos to help the movement.


Happy 3 years ATP!!

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Hunger Games movie shoots arrows at Big Government...

Check out the following article.  The new movie "Hunger Games", a critique of government.


Can't wait to see it myself.


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1st Amendment Documentary from HBO

Here is an HBO special on the 1st Amendment.  Caution there might be some mature content or offensive content.  I don’t agree with the conclusion of the documentary but there are points to be learned.

Part One:  McCarthyism & Ward Churchill



Part Two:  Ward Churchill, Muslims in America, & Anti Muslim Speech…


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Religious Coercion of the Fiscal Basis of the Tea Party. A look at our Constitution through the First Amendment.

Statement:  The fiscal future of our county is of paramount concern.  The Tea Party evolved in 2009 from a view that taxes and economic law’s written and being debated in congress was destined to collapse this county.  Some labeled the Tea Party as Taxed Enough Already and other labeled the Tea Party as reviving the image of the Boston Tea Party Revolt against exorbitant taxes on imports.  That was why this organization was founded and why I helped organize the group to battle the big…


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Good looks in politics.

Something I have know for quite a while and try to tell other people is that the electorate really doesn't know much when it comes to politics.  They often vote on the last minute emotional feeling they have.


this is a quote from the following article by Libby Copeland.  " It appears that voters, particularly those who aren’t paying much attention, don’t know much about politics, and don’t have strong partisan affiliations—which is to say, a solid number of Americans—operate…


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A Constitutional Impeachable Offense

President Obama has made some legal attacks to the constitution of the United States.  Many of the reasons that the Republicans are doing so well in winning political elections in the last 2 years. 


Article 1 section 8 of the constitution:  Obama and the democrat congress bypassed this foundational law with Obama Care.

Article 1 section 5 of the constitution:  Obama has performed an end-run hoping for a court challenge by congress to…


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LOST IN POLITICS - Keystone XL pipeline through Tribal lands

Many of the pundits in media today are shouting for the XL pipeline without even looking at who and what the ramifications are of this federal action.


See the below article.



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New Gerrymandered Congressional District Maps

The New Gerrymandered District Maps.  Only a Democrat could see this as fair districting.


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Arapahoe Republicans appose Prop 103

The Arapahoe County GOP

Executive Committee

formally recommends a



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Liberty Tsunami turned out to be a ripple?

To absolutely no surprise, Tom Tancredo has decimated the conservative Tea Party swing year in Colorado. In a year where the Hicken-ritter vs. Republican generic poll identified a Republican landslide, the conservatives only managed 46% of the overall vote in the State-wide race from my most recent observations. Using the dirtiest of smear politics, Tom Tancredo displayed the irresponsibility and…


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