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WT: Bushmaster CEO breaks silence on Newtown school shooting

Not too much new here. It is the intent of the user of the tool, not the tool, that needs the focus.

Bushmaster CEO breaks silence on Newtown school shooting, Washington Times 15 June 2013

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Morse Recall Garners National Attention

I just received this item in an email today. Seems our plight in Colorado with the oppressive gun legislation coming out of the 2013 legislative session has the folks at fired up to fire the rest of the country up. We must do a better job here in vetting candidates and getting good, Constitutionally-committed candidates on the ballot. But, other states be warned: constant vigilance is required in every level of local and state government EVERYWHERE.…


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HB13-1081 Comprehensive Sex Education in Colorado Schools

At the 5 March 2013 meeting of the Arapahoe Tea Party, we were alerted to yet another rushed bill to push something into law that is sure to rankle the electorate. In the presentation, information was shared from a study prepared by the Heritage Foundation's 2004 "Comprehensive Sex Education vs. Authentic Abstinence - A Study of Competing Curricula" white paper. (I have attached a link to this document at the end of this post.) It was suggested that if we testify, or communicate with our…


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Ruminations on a Tea Party America

Just a general interest item that I thought you all might enjoy:

What a Tea Party America Would Be Like, John Hawkins, 3 August 2012

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CD1 Voters in Arapahoe County; This One's for YOU!

Congresswoman DeGette Only member of CO Delegation to Vote AGAINST Auditing the Fed

I am copying this from a FB post by the Republican candidate for Congressional District 1, Danny Stroud. He addresses his comments specifically to us in the "fringes" of Arapahoe County who are in CD1. I am one of them, and feel routinely ignored and unrepresented by the person who has held this office for way too long (going on 16 years).

Please look into Mr Stroud, as he most…


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Difference Between Outsourcing and Offshoring

Once again, the Left has been permitted to control the jargon, and the Right lets them get away with it.

There is a difference between outsourcing (delegating some non-core corporate activity to a company for which the activity is core) and off-shoring (sending core activity jobs to non-domestic locations to take advantage of lower costs of doing business). The obvious difference is that outsourcing can keep jobs in America (although not necessarily so), and off-shoring by…


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An Inventory of Broken Promises

There are numerous articles being published analyzing the June 2012 Supreme Court decision on PPACA (Obamacare). Most of them focus either on how we were betrayed by Chief Justice Roberts, or are contorted arguments what good can be gleaned from the decision. I thought this item from Heritage took a slightly different tack, and would be useful to share with those who cling to the belief that PPACA is actually good for America. Essentially, it lays out the trail of broken promises…


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We Will Have to Throw Off PPACA (Obamacare)

I hope none of you were counting on the Supreme Court to "save" us from the PPACA. I had a wish, but, upon reflection, was only disappointed, not surprised, that the Supreme Court forgot its responsibility to the Constitution above all else. Clarity is our friend, however, and we certainly should be clear on the fact that ALL branches of our federal government have been infected by the progressive virus. If nothing else, this decision should demonstrate clearly that our job is not…


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Heritage Foundation's Searchable Constitution

I just re-discovered this as I am going through some old (but not too old) email. The Heritage Foundation has put together what might be considered a concordance of the U.S. Constitution. This looks to be a very useful tool, free to use on the Internet. First, a link to the article introducing the tool, and then a link to the tool itself.…


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Threat to Individual Liberty Not Addressed in HHS Mandate Flap

I am already weary of the Obama administration's propaganda machine (commonly referred to as the mainstream media) trying to spin the outrage expressed by the USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops) as some kind of anti-women attempt to keep anyone from getting contraceptive and abortifacient devices and medication. It is truly a challenge to religious liberty, and an attempt to squash the 1st Amendment of our Constitution. The usual obfuscation and misrepresentation is being employed to…


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Colorado Senate Republicans

While in session, the CO Senate Minority Office (the Republicans right now) sends out LOADS of information about what's up at the Capitol, and what bills are being floated. (I suspect the Democrats do something similar - I'm not on that email list.)

If you don't already get these updates, go to the following site, and sign up for email updates, or follow them on Twitter or FaceBook.

Colorado Senate Republicans

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Heritage Foundation's Take on Federal Budget 2012

I love these morning synopsis articles from Heritage. They help me stay informed with a good overview of the topic at hand, and then provide me the ability to dig further for more detail.

Today, on the day Congressman Ryan releases another proposal for the federal budget, Heritage makes their argument for what they call the NEW Flat Tax, and what they call their plan for "Saving the American Dream". Good read:…


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Arapahoe County Sheriff's Citizen Academies

Arapahoe County has a great bulletin service. The county sends updates from the commissioners, the sheriff, and from various agencies right to your email inbox. Helps citizens of Arapahoe County keep appraised of what's happening in the county. If you don't get them, sign up for them TODAY!

Access Arapahoe

Recently, the Arapahoe County Sheriff has set dates for Citizen Academies. Here is…


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