Selective Enforcement of Laws Undermines Constitutional Order

Part 1 of Rep. Ron DeSantis special order on overreach by the executive branch. By picking and choosing which laws to enforce, the President has undermined t...

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Comment by Greg Hagen on October 10, 2013 at 5:07pm

Selective enforcement, in and of itself is - in fact - lawbreaking. Who's enforcing those laws.

For the last 75-plus years, there has been so much 'acceptance' of lawbreaking as well as the unconstitutional Law, that, comprehensively, throughout the now-pervasive 'bad-government' this is now almost entirely a ballot-box thing. what happens if the election-laws are broken with impunity? Many observers have noted that widespread voter-fraid might have happened most recently in 2012, but did we hear enough about it beyond their exclaimations?

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