OFFICIAL: Convention of States Historic Simulation LIVE

Complete un-edited LIVE broadcast of the first-ever Article V Convention of States Simulation! Special thanks to Spark Stre...

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Comment by W. Branstetter on September 24, 2016 at 3:58pm

September 23, 2016, the final day of a "Convention of States simulation" event was recorded and broadcast so that people could see what a debate might look like if or when a "Convention of States" could be implemented.  The previous day commissioners representing all 50 states met in three committees to discuss possibilities for amendments to move to this concluding day of debate.  

This is an educational and informational tool.  The video is nearly 7 hours long and some of the debate is interrupted by various people who explain the proceedings, discussion, and history.

More information regarding the draft rules, the commissioners attending, informational videos, and more available before the event held September 21-23 is available at:

Additional information available at:

In Hour 2 of the Eric Metaxas show, Jenna L. Ellis, Esq. (attorney and author) explains about the "Convention of States", Article V, and the simulation event.

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