Win or Lose (Probably Win), Better Days are Coming

I believe Mitt Romney will win this Tuesday.  We’ve all worked so hard, and I’m confident it will happen.


But maybe not.  This is a close election, after all.


Up until recently, I shared the opinion of many Republicans, which was, “If we lose this election, all hope is lost.  Looking at the deficit or the Supreme Court or Obamacare or our borders, etc., etc., the damage of another Obama term will put our nation beyond repair.  This is do or die time—our last hope.”  These feelings came from observing two truths:  One, Obama would unleash tremendous harm with a 2nd term, and two, shifting demographics are eliminating the GOP.


So, despair was setting in.


But something has changed, and I can now make the following bold prediction:


If the Republican Party makes simple changes in 2013, this Tuesday will be the weakest GOP performance we will see for at least a decade.  I absolutely guarantee it.


Why do I say this?  Simple:  The only reason we Republicans see doom and gloom beyond Tuesday is because we think we’re doing the best we can, and it’s barely working.  Despite all our best efforts, we can’t reach many young people or minorities, and we’re defenseless against the dominant press, academia, and entertainment industries.  It just seems like we’re outgunned—helpless, against the rising tide of a modern America moving away from our beliefs.


Hear me now:  OUR EFFORT HAS BEEN TERRIFIC, BUT OUR STRATEGY HAS BEEN WOEFULLY MISGUIDED.  I really mean this.  Detailing the errors would take too long here, but suffice it to say, my beloved GOP has made major mistakes in virtually every area—not just in this election (which is going better than ’08), but for the past couple decades.  I’ll just mention a few:


1. We’ve failed to rally all Conservatives around a central theme.  Thus, Conservatism is now more divided than ever.   This is easily fixed, with a theme that is universally embraced by Conservatives, while allowing for different expressions and beliefs.


2. We’ve failed to teach the various branches of Conservatism (Republicans, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Christian Right, etc.) why the other branches are valuable.  Instead, we’ve allowed a truly UN-conservative idea to creep in, which states, “I only value you insofar as you agree with me.”  This idea is pure liberalism—belonging in a leftist college classroom, not the Conservative Movement—and it’s easier to remove than many think.


3. Our messaging has been wildly off-target.  Put simply, we’ve been needlessly avoiding key points offered by our opponents, while not crafting our views in ways that are appreciated by young people and independents.  Again, this is easily fixed.


4. We’ve engaged in power plays, not EMpower plays.  More liberalism; more foolishness.


5. Worst of all, we’ve put the cart in front of the horse by forcing hardline candidates before changing the societal landscape that must elect them.  I’ll be teaching a seminar called “18-6,” where this process is reversed, and our principles gain much greater acceptance and success.


Please understand, I don’t say this to cast stones from the sidelines, but rather to give hope.  After all, if we lose (or win more narrowly) while doing everything right, then we can’t win long term.  But if we struggle because of a faulty strategy, then changing that strategy can lead to a brighter tomorrow. 


Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a hunger among Conservatives for that brighter tomorrow. They’re tired of the divisions; weary of the circular firing squad.  For the first time in my memory, Conservatives of every stripe are opening up to the possibility of unity without conformity, and effective outreach without compromise.  They are seeing how changing demographics only hurt us if we address those groups on the Democrats’ terms (which we’ve been doing), rather than re-setting the terms altogether.


Conservatives are starting to get it—and more importantly, they’re enjoying it.  


So once more, here is my bold prediction:


If the Republican Party makes simple changes in 2013, this Tuesday will be the weakest GOP performance we will see for at least a decade.  I absolutely guarantee it.


Enjoy this Tuesday night.  You’ve all earned it!  And I pray we all see a Romney/Ryan presidency!


But whatever happens, please know that BETTER DAYS ARE COMING.

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Comment by Cathy Mitchell on November 11, 2012 at 8:15pm

Glad I just saw this as despair has been setting in. Wanted to put on my rear windshield:


1776 - 2012

And maybe it is the end of the USA of old, but perhaps better times can be ahead. Will watch for you seminar.

Comment by Andy Peth on November 5, 2012 at 9:00pm
Thanks, Wilma :)

I'm looking forward to it myself! Oh, and....

....GO MITT!!

Comment by W. Branstetter on November 5, 2012 at 8:39pm


Thank you for the encouraging message and I will watch for your announcement about the "18-6" seminar.

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