Do you know what I see? I see a bunch of self appointed, pumped up, supposed leaders running around spouting this and that and doing nothing of consequence. Why aren't you brilliant leaders organizing a state wide Recall effort for the Governor, as well as enough of the Democrats who are in vulnerable areas of the state to overturn this assault on our constitutional rights?

Since the campaign before the 2008 elections I have been asking "Why is it that if someone is coherent enough to see that the only sane course of action is to question Obama's eligibility, is called names and dismissed as an idiot by the LEADERS OF THE RIGHT?"

I see this issue in the same light.

Why is it when our Governor, (who was not elected because he was popular by the way, but because the RINO Republicans in Colorado self destructed) approves homosexual legislation AND runs a frontal assault on our 2nd amendment rights (on direction from the White House) our same "Leaders" don't have the foresight, or nerve, or strength of their convictions to initiate a campaign to RECALL the Governor? This should have been started BEFORE he signed the bills into law!

I have to ask, What Side Are You People On, Really?

We need a unified, cohesive effort to galvanize the electorate into a proper recall effort.

We need a constitutionally conservative lawyer to draft the petition.

We need to publicize the effort and gain steam BEFORE the petition is filed so there is no chance of failure once the 60 day countdown clock starts ticking.

This requires people who have media access, name recognition, and a broad base of access to the Colorado conservative constituency to step up to the plate and take the reigns. I would do it but I don't have any of those things available to me.

One place to start could be the Tea Party. So where are YOU Leaders?

You could not only be rallying all of the members here in Colorado but you could elicit help and funds nation wide. I guarantee people all over the country would support it.

I have seen people try and say "Well the 2014 Elections are coming up. We need to wait until then." I say B.S.!

Strike while the Iron is Hot! Its HOT NOW!

We need to send a message to all of the socialist "Enemies of the State" nationwide who are currently committing treason by trying to overthrow our Constitutional Government from within that We Are Not Going To Lay Down and Give it to You! The Second Amendment wasn't so we could shoot deer, it was to protect us from THIS VERY TYPE OF GOVERNMENT!!!  Why do you think they want to take guns away from us? WAKE UP PEOPLE!


I am pissed!

We need to recall this lunatic now and replace him with a true Constitutional Conservative who can spend the time between now and the elections educating the public as to why this is dangerous and why every one of us, Republican AND Democrat need to get these abusers out of office.

We need a grass roots effort to overtake America and since Obama and Biden and Bloomberg took there opening shot here in Colorado, we need that movement to rise up from here!

So all of you self appointed, chest thumping leaders can either do what you are supposed to be doing and step up to the plate, or you can start calling me names and remove me from the Tea Party and erase my comments from the forum which is what you will probably do.

Surprise me. Start to use the resources at your disposal and get this train moving. NOW before it loses steam.

Tom Cooper

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