This is a great blog about what we can do next. Please read and make your own comments so we can all get a sense of whether or not you'd be willing to commit to this focus.

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Comment by Theresa Collins on March 28, 2010 at 10:46pm
I add this other blog to this blog because it gives some ideas on how to be a "watch dog" for the progressives and their recent filtration into Craig's List. See Below. We can all do a little more to help stop the madness!
Copied from the Site: Tea Party Patriots - blogger HDrider63....
Progressives are using CraigsList for campaign recruiting ads. FIGHT BACK! Go to, under Jobs /nonprofit sector, open an ad and flag it as spam/overpost. Some ads will say “Summer Campaign jobs” others “Work for Greenpeace” yeah, you get the idea. Thank you for your help on stamping out progressive campaign recruiting! Some of the worst cities are San Francisco, Los Angles, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, Denver, New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia. These are liberal/progressive recruiting hotspots. Each time you flag an ad is like stepping on a socialist cockroach. Help fight the infestation! If you have time, check all cities across the country. Thank You for your help and support!

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